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I'm completely new to TKL and apps and have installed the mediaserver app 16.1 on PROXMOX 7.0.2.

The Samba part works perfectly as expected, but I'm absolutely unable to login into Jellyfish ("Invalid username or password. Please try again"). All credentials created on the server (ct) / Samba do not work. To me it looks like i'd need the username and password for Jellyfin it had been set during the install procedure (= for creating the container) to get to the first time launch page of Jellyfin and the possibility of user administration.

Or what have I been missing? Thanks for putting me on the right track... 


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The problem looks pretty much the same as described in

But I can't try to follow the suggested resolution as I'm not able to find the user.db in the LXC-container

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Firstly, thanks for giving TurnKey a go and thanks too for reaching out for a hand with something that isn't/wasn't working as you expected.

IIRC the default username to log into the Jellyfin web UI is 'jellyfin'. Actually - it should be; I just checked on the Mediaserver appliance page and that suggests that's what it is. The password should have been set by you as part of the firstboot initialisation scripts. You can re-run all of the firstboot scripts via this command:


Or alternatively (assuming that they definately ran as they should when you first logged in), just re-run the interactive 'jellyfin' Jellyfin user password script with this command:


Or if you want to run it non-interactively, like this:

/usr/lib/inithooks/bin/ --pass="MY_NEW_PASSWORD"

Where MY_NEW_PASSWORD is your new password. Please note that some "special" characters (e.g. puctuation) may need to be escaped when launched non-interactively.

Hopefully that sorts you out. If you continue to have issues, please post back and I'll launch an instance myself and investigate more deeply. Or if you have other questions or issues, please feel free to open a new thread.

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thanks a lot for pointing out the easy solution.


did the trick. Now Jellyfin works like charm.

This was clearly an UNQ (user not qualified) error from my side :-|



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Glad to hear that you're now up and running. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand with anything else and/or have any further feedback for us (ideas that might make things better, etc).

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