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Hello guys.
I'm installing gameserver on my Proxmox, but I need to change the default port of the game to another one. where do i find the configuration? what file is it in?

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How to change the specific game config (and therefore port) will depend on which game. Probably each game has it's own method. Some perhaps don't even have the ability to configure that?! So to configure the specific game, you'll need to research it.

Another path would be to use a system tool to redirect the traffic to alternate port. You could use the firewall to do that. Webmin (https on port 12321) has a UI for firewall rules.

There are a ton of other options.

If you have issues trying to do one of the specific options, please feel free to post back.

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All hosted games have the ability to change ports, but @jeremy Davis is correct, it depends on the game, you will need to locate the game setting files. The LGSM wrapper is only for quick installation of LGSM itself. LGSM does not manage ports, it is only an installation tool that has a daemon to start/stop/restart a server.

LGSM does have some config files you can use to share variables between multiple side-by-side servers but outside of that, LGSM does not configure a game for you. If you tried to use variables from LGSM to replace ports on individual servers it might work, however, if you try to run multiple instances of a game such as ARK, they would all be set to the same port unless you went into the game server specific LGSM settings to change it which would literally just be adding more work since you can just do that inside the actual game files themselves.

I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope you find it informational at least.


take care -ADC

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