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I have restored my backup of a VPS hosted elsewhere to a new cloud server but when I enter the ip address, all i get is a blank screen. Also the webshell is not accessible.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for opening a new thread. I was just in the process of requesting you do that on the other post you just made in different thread.

Can you please clarify what version of TurnKey your old server was as well, as which appliance it was? Also I assume that you're restoring to the same appliance?

To work out what is going on, and to fix it, you'll need SSH access so if you don't already, please make sure you have an SSH client (e.g. on Windows I suggest PuTTY).

If the old server was pre v14.x, then there is a doc page which may give you some pointers.

I'll remove your post from that other thread.

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It's a LAMP stack, Turnkey version 14.0

I can access with Putty, apache is running, but I lack the expertise to find out what's wrong.

Maybe I have to update the changed IP address somewhere. The old server had SSL.


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I suggest that you start with the Apache logs. They often will give info on what isn't working. IIRC the default Apache log should be /var/log/apache2/error.log.

If you have updated the DNS for your domain to point to the new server, then it shouldn't matter re your SSL cert. And if it does matter, you should be getting an SSL cert/security error in your browser (not a blank page). Also SSL config won't affect browsing via vanilla HTTP, so unless your site explicitly redirects to HTTPS, then you should be able to rule that out.

If you haven't already, it's probably well worth double checking with a few different browsers. The latest update to Google Chrome made this website just appear blank! Ended up it was a change in the way it rendered SVG graphics!

With regard to Webshell, that runs from it's own service called "shellinabox". It runs behind Stunnel too, so that needs to be running as well (the service is called "stunnel4" IIRC).

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The errorlog doesn't give me much info. Other browsers also don't work. stunnel4 cannot read conf file. I think it would probably take me less time to start with a new LAMP stack and backup manually.

Thanks for your help Jeremy.

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If instead of doing a full restore, you can just dump all the backup data to the filesystem and then restore bit by bit (or manually). E.g. Assuming you wish to restore backup ID 2:

mkdir /tklbam-dump
tklbam-restore 2 --raw-download=/tklbam-dump

Then if you want to restore specific parts of the backup, you can do that bit by bit. E.g. to restore /var/www (simulating first):

tklbam-restore /tklbam-dump  --simulate --limits="/var/www"
tklbam-restore /tklbam-dump  --limits="/var/www"

To restore additional paths, re run the steps, swapping /var/www for the path you wish to restore. If something breaks you can always roll back:


Please note that AFAIK you can only rollback the last restore, so only continue once you are sure all is well. Note that relevant services will need to be restarted (e.g. restoring Apache files will require an Apache restart - if unsure reboot for good measure).

You can also obviously manually move files from the /tklbam-dump directory to the local filesystem. This won't preserve permissions though, so tweaking may be required.

Good luck.

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