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I've had a Turnkey Linux file server for a number of years and never had an issue. But the hardware is now having issues and I decided to build a new server.

I have downloaded both the 15.0 and 14.2 "Installable Live CD" images and neither will boot. I have verified the CD drive by booting another Linux distro live cd that I had lying around. Works fine.

I used Brasero on Ubuntu 18.04 to burn the image to disk. Am I missing something here?



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Was a UEFI issue. Not sure why one CD would boot and another wouldn't but I got it installed.

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It's actually a known issue which we need to resolve. I had hoped to fix it for v15.0 but it missed the boat. As TurnKey is primarily used as a VM by most users, hardware support issues don't get as much attention as they probably should.

Apologies that I wasn't a bit quicker to respond and save you some time. But glad to hear that you worked it out.

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