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I've had a Turnkey Linux file server for a number of years and never had an issue. But the hardware is now having issues and I decided to build a new server.

I have downloaded both the 15.0 and 14.2 "Installable Live CD" images and neither will boot. I have verified the CD drive by booting another Linux distro live cd that I had lying around. Works fine.

I used Brasero on Ubuntu 18.04 to burn the image to disk. Am I missing something here?



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Was a UEFI issue. Not sure why one CD would boot and another wouldn't but I got it installed.

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It's actually a known issue which we need to resolve. I had hoped to fix it for v15.0 but it missed the boat. As TurnKey is primarily used as a VM by most users, hardware support issues don't get as much attention as they probably should.

Apologies that I wasn't a bit quicker to respond and save you some time. But glad to hear that you worked it out.

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I am trying to install the ISO on my Proxmox server. I have my box setup as UEFI host and  am reading that there is some issue with some of the ISO images? So what is the trick to get Fileserver working within a UEFI host?
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When you create the KVM VM in Proxmox, you should be able to select SeaBIOS (aka legacy BIOS). With that selected it should "just work".

It doesn't matter if the Promxox host is UEFI (or not), but the guest VM needs to be setup to not use UEFI (I'm still on v6.x but it's default on that).

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