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Hi, im a teacher using Tunkey with students, i have used specially Wordpress, and im beginning to use moodle.

I cant find but in other posts i faced with my students a login problem.

You have your  username and password, write down in a paper, and when reboot, and trying to login in Webmin, or Adminer, a message of login failed arised one time and another and another... Different students.....

Suddenly if they reinstall from scratch the VM it worked.

Now making some tests at home im having the same problem.

But i got a solution...the problem was/is the symbols like $,#,&, etc...

In turnkey vm, you should write MAYUS + 3, to obtain #,  But in the browser you have to write ALT GR + 3 for #. So probably this confusion could be reproduced with other symbols.....

So i want to report this error, and if someone is facing the same error, perhpaps it could help.

I have an Spanish Keyboard.


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TurnKey currently only support US-International keyboard OOTB. So if you are using an alternate keyboard, then you will need to be careful what password(s) you set.

You can work around it by setting a simple password (that will work with a Spanish keyboard) initially. Then (re)configure keyboard mapping and re-run the firstboot scripts. Changing the keyboard, should be pretty easy via the Keyboard config option within Region Config in Confconsole.

To re-run the firstboot scripts, run:

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Hehe, to be a known problem my students had to reinstall many times many turnkey wordpress and moodle virtual machines.

In my opinion this should be documented in installation process or in the web page of the virtual machine. Specially when installation process requires a strong password with numbers amb symbols.

By the way would be nice and suppose not difficult to support more keyboards than us-International.

Thanks for your help

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