Base : TurnKey core debian lenny

sample username : admin ; password : admin

servername :


Consider it as  a simple mail server. I 'm working on iRedmail with all the advanced features


Patch attached !!

Please test and give comments.

Should i attach other facilities like spammassasin , clamav etc into the build ??

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Not sure when I'll get time to test but good work regardless!

I think anti-spam and AV addition a good idea. I would imagine most people would want that in a mail gateway appliance.

I need to set database password to an arbitatry value , as in Drupal applaince . That work is pending

Everything done ! new patch file attached .


The "Drupal patch example" was extremely helpful for me to do this patch


Please test the patch and report bugs , if any .


< patch updated >

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Roundcube looks like a nice lightweight alternative to a heavyweight such as Zimbra. I used to use SquirrelMail but RoundCube looks much nicer.

A few comments:

  • Lucid: It would be useful to test that this works on Lucid as well.
  • SSL: If we don't enable SSL by default we're going to be in a world of hurt transmitting e-mail passwords in the clear. Supporting SSL isn't enough in a security sensitive application targeted at regular users. We need to support SSL and then setup a redirection from the non-SSL address (e.g., http://appliance/ => https://appliance/.
  • Spam filtering: Without spam filtering integration e-mail quickly becomes absolutely useless in the real world. We're using SpamAssassin on our mail server. Lately I haven't been too happy with it but that's just because I really really hate receiving any amount of spam. It's not bad though I have on my todo list to look for something better.
  • AV filtering (e.g,. via ClamAV) would also be a good idea in this day and age. It's not a replacement for user education, but it's again better than nothing.

I saw your comment about SSL in many appliances , now i realize the importance of SSL in production environment. I will try to add SSL to those part of all appliances that need to be secured. I'm actually thinking of leaving  this appliance and to implement iRedmail as an appliance

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It includes the components this appliance included plus AV/Spam filtering. I say go for it!
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and iRedMail looks like a nice fit (although RoundCube would've been ok too I'm sure). Good find Basil. Whilst Zimbra is very functional and attractive, it's definately overkill for a simple mailserver so IMO something like this is a must have for the next TKL release. I agree that SquirelMail is too old school clunky looking to be desireable.

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There has not been much movement on any of the new proposed appliances yet. At this stage I am expecting that many (perhaps most if not all) of the TKLPatches available here on the forums (including this one) will make it into official TKL appliances come the release of TKL v12.x.

In the meantime you can apply this patch and see how it goes (TKLPatch docs are available under 'Help' >> 'Documentation' top right of this page). If you have any issues, please post back and I will do what i can to help.

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