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I found this great Appliance for drupal web server, but i'm missing ftp server and mail server.

Is there any possibility to install this two modules?


Thank you,



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Thanks, it's always great to receive feedback!
As you may or may not know, TurnKey Linux appliances are ubuntu underneath. Ubuntu have put together excellent documentation, including how to setup a FTP Server and a Mail Server.

Take a look and let us know how it goes.
Good luck!
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As almost newbie in Ubuntu world I'm happy for any link on documentation. And yes, RTFM is always the best practice, but finding the right documentation on the web is sometimes mission imposible... :)

FTP server is now up and running. Mail server installation and configuration in progress...

I'm just wondering, what about installing moduls from webmin configuration? (I know simple ideas are sometimes wrong) There are also available moduls for mail server and ftp server, but installing them is quite tricky.

Is there also some documentation regarding installing postfix and spamassassin through webmin console?

Thanks for all your help.

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It is possible to do what you want through webmin, it's just a bit counter-intuitive. This is one of those areas which could use better documentation.

In the meanwhile, here's how you can install packages through the webmin interface:

1) Select System->Software packages

2) Update the available packages database by clicking "Upgrade Now" button in the "Upgrade All Packages" section.

3) In the "Install a New Package" section, select "Package from APT" and enter the name of the package you want to install. If you don't know the exact name of the package you want, you can search through the available packages database by clicking on the "Search APT" button. This will open a search dialog. For example, search for "webmin" and you'll get a list of webmin modules you can install. Clicking on a package will go back to the "Software packages" module, where can can click on the "Install" button.

I recommend you install the following packages: webmin-postfix, spamassassin and webmin-spam.

BTW, postfix is already installed by default in the Drupal appliances.

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Everything is working perfectly.

Thanks, for all your help..

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It looks like you may not get any response here... Perhaps open a new thread?

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