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After spending seven hours configuring a complex EC2 instance, uploading 2GB of files, tweaking configurations and PHP scripts and installing my SSL certificates -


All was lovely, all was joyous, and I wanted to be able to use snapshots so I added EBS to my account. When I went to launch the existing instance it was DESTROYED.

I'm really hoping that upgrading and paying for it did not - with zero prompting - completely destroy everything that I have spent th the entire day creating. It bloody well better not have.

Instance: i-88729df0.

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I've found a test server I hadn't used for a while showed status Destroyed but also it showed snapshots 1. Since I didn't create the snapshot I guess the 'Destroyer' did! Maybe your's shows a snapshot you can clone from?

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I replied to your Hub feedback, should be in your email box now...

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