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After spending seven hours configuring a complex EC2 instance, uploading 2GB of files, tweaking configurations and PHP scripts and installing my SSL certificates -


All was lovely, all was joyous, and I wanted to be able to use snapshots so I added EBS to my account. When I went to launch the existing instance it was DESTROYED.

I'm really hoping that upgrading and paying for it did not - with zero prompting - completely destroy everything that I have spent th the entire day creating. It bloody well better not have.

Instance: i-88729df0.

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I have a project management site that I setup last year for a major project on Turnkey Linux...haven't used it in months, but just went to check on it and nothing! I logged into the Turnkey Linux and the server indicates that it has been destroyed! How do I actually speak with a live person around here? Not happy.

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I've found a test server I hadn't used for a while showed status Destroyed but also it showed snapshots 1. Since I didn't create the snapshot I guess the 'Destroyer' did! Maybe your's shows a snapshot you can clone from?

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I replied to your Hub feedback, should be in your email box now...

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No snapshots, no nothing for mine - and since the Turnkey folks offered no help or feedback, I wasn't going to give them a second or third chance to destroy my system. Instead I built one from scratch myself on ec2 and all is now well.

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Thanks for the information. I have no snapshots to create a new server from and my last backup was when I started the account last July; obviously the failure to create additional backups is mine alone, but I am still shocked that my server instance could be destroyed; I need someone to troubleshoot exactly what happened here because there was extremely valuable data to me that was on that server; I am by no means a tech guru, but I've setup quite a few smaller hosting sites over the last 15 years and I've never had anything remotely close to this happen.

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All- Just wanted to follow up with an explanation here. I just spoke with Amazon's Customer Service and they sent a single email on May 9th to me (the substance of which is below). There is absolutely nothing that can be done now. Unbelievable. One email. I'm not sure whether to blame Turnkey Linux here or Amazon, as it seems to rest primarily in Amazon's court. I lost all of my data so that Amazon could perform scheduled maintenance and they sent me one SINGLE email to notify me. Holy sh*t.



One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances in the  region is scheduled for retirement. The following instance(s) will be shut down after 12:00 AM GMT on 2012-05-24.
We recommend that you launch a replacement for each retiring instance and begin migrating to it. You can do this by stopping and re-starting your instance, or by terminating it and launching a new one in its place.
For more information about scheduled retirement events, please see Monitoring Scheduled Events in the EC2 user guide:
If your instance's root device is an EBS volume, the instance will be stopped after the retirement date, and you can start it again at any time. You can prevent retirement for this instance by issuing a stop and start from the AWS Management Console. Doing so will migrate your instance to new hardware and help reduce unforseen downtime. For more information about how to stop and start your instance please see Stopping and Starting Instances in the EC2 user guide:
If your instance's root device is an instance store, it will be terminated after the retirement date. We recommend that you launch a replacement instance from your most recent AMI and migrate all necessary data to the replacement instance before this time.
Should you have any additional questions, we offer AWS Basic Support via our Community Forums for free, or Premium Support for one-on-one assistance direct from an AWS Developer Support Engineer at
The Amazon EC2 Team
Reference: 8e7041c2-f1df-4db9-b9bf-c0a7f3b57663"

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