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I know I'm spoiled by now by Turnkey, but the install of Sugar CRM has no turnkey-init script. how do you get it initted?? Thanks! Ric

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I am using the OVZ template within PVE v2.1 and it does seem to have turnkey-init scripts but they behave a little strangely.

Have a look at this thread and see if that is similar to your experience.

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I just tested the SugarCRM ISO (don't have PVE setup at the moment). During boot the inithooks were run successfully, no issue there. I then ran turnkey-init again and all seemed well. Can you elaborate on the 'strangeness' ?

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And that one time when I first used the SugarCRM template has been the one and only time I have experienced it. (See my fuller explanation of what happened here).

As you can see in Chris' OP in that same thread this seems to be the exact same some strange turnkey-init behaviour he reported (although I'm not sure which appliance(s) he experienced that with and whether all the appliances exhibiting the strangeness came from the same template or whether they were from different templates...). It seems that the behaviour that Ric has reported is slightly different.

TBH I haven't checked the downloaded templates (to rule out corruption) but I have had no other issues with any of the other appliances I have tried out. Perhaps it is download corruption?

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Just tried again with the following list

Joomla 2.5
















tomatocart - wow great score!

sugar crm

From that list Joomla and mediawiki did not have an issue the rest did... statistically fairly consistent with my expereince so far.


PS running proxmox 2.1

Chris Musty


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Twice actually. And one time it worked as it should, the other time it did the 'strangeness'. Both installs were to the same PVE host (v2.1 IIRC) from the same OVZ template! Very strange behaviour...

I can also confirm that following the generation of keys, the turnkey-init runs an apt-get upgrade. I confirmed this by exiting (<Ctrl><C>) while it was running and checking the apt.log as well as taking note of the packages mentioned during the turnkey-init and comparing with the results of an 'apt-get upgrade' (all the same packages were being installed). Some of them had been downloaded and were in the apt cache so I am sure that was what it was doing...

Some other observations:

  • There was an error message about mysqld between the key generation and the 'apt-get upgrade' but I missed what it was and it didn't appear in the inithook.log. Unfortunately I didn't think to check the MySQL log at the time, to see if there was anything there (and I destroyed the VM now). 
  • No mention of the apt-get upgrade in the inithook.log either, but the packages being downloaded were included in the log. This leads me to believe that the inithook logfile is incomplete and is not completely logging all the actions the inithooks are taking. Bug!?
  • Perhaps this is a timing thing following firstboot? On the VM that didn't work, I logged in and ran turnkey-init straight away, on the other (that worked as per usual) I started it some time before logging in and running turnkey-init. Perhaps you need to wait for the machine to settle after boot? If this is the case, then ideally turnkey-init needs to do some system checks (ie system has completely settled) prior to running?

Also for the record I tested appFlower, yii and gitlab appliances and they all worked first (and only) try. But that was before I noticed that it may be related to the machine starting up (and so didn't note my startup proceedure).

Next step will be to try to recreate the issue and take better note of the error on start and/or check the MySQL logs.

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I have just had this (or a very similar) issue occur with a Drupal7 appliance. I captured it via the PVE Java console (excuse the github mention - I used the wrong template...).

As discussed previously, running a second time, all seems well (except I realised that I had loaded the wrong template...)

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and re-installed. Works a charm now. Thanks! Ric

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