I have applied to a amazon EC2 account via turnkey hub and tried to install https://aws.amazon.com/amis/turnkey-zimbra-appliance (the only i found) but VM is not starting network due to an error:

udhcpc[3309]: SIOCGIFINDEX failed!: No such device

and advise me to get "xen friendly" tls lib (anyway i cannot connect the box and change glibc lib).

I there a more reliable AMI image (or mantained) for TKzimbra?

Or maybe i can resolve the prob in any way?



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The TKL Zimbra image is extremly dated and has not been updated for some time. Personally I wouldn't be using it (even if it worked).

I anticipate that with (or following soon after) the release of the upcoming TKL v13 it will be completely revamped. The issue with the dated Zimbra appliance was caused by Zimbra dropping support for 32 bit OS and TKL only being available as 32 bit.

As of TKL v13, TKL will be available in 64 bit and thus be able to support Zimbra once again...

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I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Zimbra appliance.  I have been running the old one for quite some time now and I would like to upgrade it when the new version is released.  I am hoping that TKL v13 release will have support for TKLBAM this time around.

As a side note:  When I set mine up originally and used the script that you guys wrote, it automatically added "mail." to the domain that I chose to use even though I gave it a sub-domain myself.

For example, if I wanted to use mx1.mydomain.com it would end up being mail.mx1.mydomain.com.  Could that be addressed in the future release?

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On the shiney new TKL Dev tracker (on GutHub): https://github.com/turnkeylinux/tracker/issues/41

And hopefully we will see an updated image sometime soon... As for migrating from the old server, hopefully TKLBAM will support backup of this appliance prior to (or by) then. Regardless it may still require some tweaking to get the new appliance working with your existing data (there have been many updates to Zimbra since the old appliance). I guess we can cross that bridge when we get to it...

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If there is a Turnkey appliance that SHOULD be 64-bit only it's Zimbra.  As soon as it is released I will be upgrading.  If there's one thing you shouldn't skimp on its your mail server. I wouldn't run Zimbra on anything less than a 4+ core 64-bit processor with 8GB+ of RAM.

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I have no issues with manually migrating to the new image. I am just looking forward to being able to backup to S3 and stop using RSyNC and moving the huge .tgz file via FTP to my backup server. I have also been installing the updates from Zimbras website. I think I updated 2 or 3 times since the original install. I also think I can just export everything and then import it in through the admin interface.

Let me know when it's out and I will document my upgrade steps if it will be useful to the community.

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Sounds like you are pretty handy with Zimbra so I'm sure that would help quite a few people out! :)

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I surf the forums quietly for answers a lot so when I can give back I am more than happy to spread some knowledge or give my opinion based on experiences. 

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if you can answer a question, but that in the end there is no longer done zimbra page..

Thanks !!


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Considering that the last version was based on Ubuntu 8.04 (which is now no longer supported) the devs have decided to depreciate the old legacy appliance. Hopefully it will be back again when TKL v13 is released, but we'll have to wait and see...

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I too am keen to see the return of a Zimbra appliance, whether on TKL v13 or otherwise. Can we expect to see TKL v13 this year? or next? How soon afterwards would a recent Zimbra installation be available for it?


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It's in the TurnKey SourceForge archive, specifically here.

Despite that I would be loathe to use it myself... It is based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) which has not had any security updates for over 2 years now. Also I imagine that the repos are dead (as it is no longer supported) so installing any additional software (that isn't included by default) will be very difficult.

If despite this you still want to use it, I would definitely not be allowing internet access to it (i.e. only allow usage from within a LAN, no internet webmail access). Regardless though it would still be risky as the chances of malicious emails slipping through (and perhaps turning your mail server into a SPAM delivery machine) are high!

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The initial reason the original Zimbra appliance wasn't continued was Zimbra went 64 bit only, while TurnKey was only available in 32 bit. Then when TurnKey became available in 64 bit Zimbra had changed hands and IIRC the licensing was a little unclear (not truly open source). Since then Zimbra has changed hands at least once and AFAIK is again licensed under an open source license...

It is still a little problematic as it is only available in 64 bit and the TurnKey build infrastructure is architecture agnostic (so we'd need some way to ensure it was only built on and available in 64 bit) although I'm sure we could work around that.

So bottom line is Rick if you have a crack at it, it'd be great to get your feedback and build notes. Perhaps someone would even be interested in creating a TKLDev build of it so Zimbra could again join the TurnKey lineup...! :)

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