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I'd like to give CMS (like Alfresco and Nuxeo), and I suppose I'm not the only one.

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There is already a blueprint for an Alfresco appliance but no reason why you couldn't register a new blueprint (for Nuxeo) if you like that one particularly!

If you don't want to wait and see, and/or want to speed the process up, why not dive in and have a go at developing it yourself? Download a copy of TKL Core and go from there! I would recommend reading this. Then use TKLPatch and/or document the steps you take on the Dev Wiki Whiteboard.

If you keep in mind that TKL is Ubuntu Server 8.04.3 with a few added extras then the (Ubuntu/Debian) world can be your oyster!

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I'm building an experimental Alfresco appliance and documenting my progress on the Wiki.

I'm very disappointed with Alfresco's performance thou, its taking almost 10 mins to boot on a VM with 1GB RAM, which hints that the runtime performance will be pretty sluggish.

Dear All

I read at the TKL blueprint about alfresco , and I found that it need TOMCAT6 that "hard" for hardy (Base of TKL)

I also read Daniel's great work ..

I tried diferent path on this ... I use GlassFish V3 instead.

Currently I got :

1. I can login (admin) to my Alfresco

2. I still don't know what to do next , I need to learn about what Alfresco good for.




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Hi guys, I've made my own version of the patch based on Ubuntu Lucid. Please take a look and if possible give some feedback. Thanks!

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