What are the Min System Req's for this APP and Can you setup Drive's in Raid with the APP or does raid still have to be setup with Motherboard or Raid card ?

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As TKL is based on Debian, have a read of what they say... But at the ed of the day it will depend on how you use it, how many simultaneous connections you have etc, etc...

I was able to install it to a USB drive and looking around I found under Hardware Linux raid which says (/proc/mdstat does not exist on your system. Your kernel probably does not support RAID.) when you click on it and under Partitions on Local Disks it sees my other harddrives but does not ever create a Partition no matter what type I pick

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That is by far your best bet IMO. Under the hood TKL is simply Debian (v13 = Wheezy/7). Webmin can be handy but IMO for serious stuff like configuring RAID you need to bite the bullet and use the CLI. IMO it's much more predictable, easier to follow instructions and generally has much more useful error messages. There is litterally TONS of info about administering Debian from the commandline so you should be able to find plenty of reading material! :)

Personally I know very little about RAID (read: nothing in practice). I don't really even understand your intention and don't get at all why you have installed to a USB if you wish to use RAID... Are you intending to use hardware RAID? If so have you checked that it is supported by Debian and/or if additional drivers are required? AFAIK you need to create the array prior to installing in that instance!? And from an OS perspective it doesn't even know (or care) that it is running on RAID! (Or maybe I got that all wrong...)

If you are plannign on using software RAID, have you installed the neccessary packages? My understanding of how that is done is that you install your OS to one HDD, then from within the running system configure your array, muck around a bit and cross your fingers and reboot!

OK so what im understanding is everything that is in Webadmin is pretty much eyecandy and has no real fuction correct ? In my 1st post I asked Can you setup Drive's in Raid with the APP (webadmin) or does raid still have to be setup with Motherboard (Software) or Raid card (Hardware)?

as for usb drive with Freenas you install the OS to usb or a cfcard then configure everything else within its control panel / webadmin. from the looks of webadmin in turnkeys app simple networked attached storage seems you had the same thing in mind for the app



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It is basically a web UI which under the surface edits config files and such. If the software that the Webmin component relates to doesn't exist then it can't do anything. That is why TKL core devs have split Webmin up into indivdual packages, and only install the relevant components (the upstream deb package is monolithic). It appears (from my casual glance and your feedback) that the RAID component of Webmin may be a part of the core of Webmin (and thus not easily removable - one of the shortcomings of leveraging upstream software).

And I don't think that the RAID tools are installed on TKL by default (because the core devs try to keep the images as small and generic as possible - obviously RAID tools are specific to bare metal installs which are not that common - most use TKL from the cloud or as VMs).

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