Dear all,

With a bunch of help from Alon and Liraz, here is a "conf" file to patch tkl-lapp iso image to include openerp.

This file may also be use to just install openerp on existing running tkl-lapp installation.

Caution :

  1. Please stop any instance of running Postgres daemon (i.e : /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.3 stop ), since this patch need to write to chrooted pgsql
  2. Openerp-web : run as service, no ssl, at port 8080

Credentials :

Have fun

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Kudos Bino! OpenERP will make a great addition to the library. I've created a blueprint on launchpad that links back to this forum post so we can keep easily keep track while working on the next release batch.

BTW, looking at the patch it looks like you used the conf for everything, including creating init scripts and such. In the future you may be able to accomplish the same goal more easily by dropping files into the overlay.

Again, many thanks!

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I have created a new section in the development wiki for TKLPatches, and have added this patch to the list. Feel free to update the patch page as you see fit.
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Hello, I'm new to TKL.  I've read this code and downloaded and built the TKLPatch tool.  I tried to apply the patch against the most recent LAPP and when I fire up a VM (virtualbox) with the patched ISO the box stops at BusyBox.

I figured I should try the straight LAPP and it works like a charm.  Does anybody have experience with the Patch of ERP working?  Should I try to patch the running system instead?

Thanks and especially for the patience with the newb.

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I tried an earlier version of this (scroll down the list) a while back and it did load, though had several issues and am now looking at a New Install  (the patch is probably the path)

10 Euros will get a built one it seems off this web site.

Not sure why the built appliance is not floating somewhere in the archives.  Perhaps it is.

As an aside, having looked at OpenERP and OpenBravo I do prefer the OpenERP interface.  There are also some nice connectors to Magento (sneldev which can be downloaded of of a Google Hub seems most up to date in terms of the version of Magento it connects to).

The problem is I have had some errors and am trying a new install.  Also, I am not aware of OpenBravo connectors to Magento though I have seen indications that they are in the works.

All for now.

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I imagine that it will be included in the v11 partII release (with the other new appliances that only exist as patches so far). In the meantime you could try using this patch. Although it looks like Scott (above) may have had some issue that were possibly not resolved. I suspect the patch is made for the older 2009.10-2 Hardy based TKL release and that may be why it didn't work?

So the choice is, play with this patch, probably updating and troubleshooting it a bit. Or wait for an official TKL appliance and all the goodness that that entails. Or spend your ten euros and get a TKL based OpenERP now...

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There is an updated patch here:


I couldn't figure out how to attach a file to a comment of I wouldn't have started a new post.

In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice they're different.

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I am cross posting.  My apologies, but the Patch here may be helpful for what I am trying to achieve.

Posted elsewhere, but I am looking to "permanently connect" the MagentoConnector to OpenERP so that out of the box it could Connect to Magento.   It is very difficult for non Branchers to know how to deal with an install that is not packaged as a simple Zip file in OpenERP.  Want to simplify all of this.

Bazaar Branches are here:

Technically this would also require having easy access to an Extension on the Magento Side..  I believe that side is a simple MagentoConnect download into magento. 

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