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I'm new to EC2 and Canvas Learning Management System.  I have some experience as a sysadmin for Unix and MySQL.

I created my first EC2/turnkey instance yesterday, Appliance = canvas-13.0-wheezy-amd64 ,  and it appeared to be created and install OK, but when I try to connect a browser to the host   shewnexti.tklapp.com,  a web page with a Canvas Error comes up,  saying "Oop! It looks like Something Broke", but the page is titled "Canvas Page Error".

I haven't touched anything on the newly created server. I have confirmed that I can ssh in as root, but that's it.  Before firing from the hip or touching anything I wonder if there's an "obvious" step I missed.

I have been unable to find a manual or even any documentation for the step(s) immediately following installation, and maybe I'm supposed to connect via an admin port, or open the firewall, or something.  Instructure's admin manuals all start after installation is done, and all the on-line videos I can find stop after "installation" without ever launching the product.

So, questions -- does anyone recognize this situation and error?  Suggestions?

Is there a manual or documentation of any kind on managing and debugging the installed instances of the dozen products it takes to make Canvas work?

Where can I hire someone to analyze what's wrong and fix it?

Thank you!


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There is a slight problem with the Canvas LMS build, apparently, which requires getting a more current version of the redis-server.

I found the problem discussed on Github at


and the solution which worked in that discussion  ( thank you JedMeister !! )

was to run these 3 lines:

echo -e '# Backports repository\ndeb http://ftp.debian.org/debian wheezy-backports main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wheezy-backports.list
apt-get update
apt-get install -t wheezy-backports redis-server

After I did that (and nothing else, no machine reboot required),  now pointing a browser at the server brings up the expected username / password screen for Canvas instead of the error, and logging in, it appered to work.




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I.e. the one here? If not then you are in the wrong spot. I suggest that you contact upstream Canvas devs themselves. If you are using TKL Canvas appliance, then could you please provide a little more info on what got you to where you are? Probably best to start a new thread giving much more explanation...

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I had this same "Oop! It looks like Something Broke" error after deploying the Turnkey Linux image.  The original poster indicated the fix over 3 months ago.  Shouldn't the solution have been implemented in the TKL image by now?  I'm new to Linux and wasted several hours trying to fix the issue.  If I have to troubleshoot and fix TKL deployments, it really diminishes the value of using TKL.

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But unfortunately our resources are limited. We had hoped that the v13.1 release would have been released by now (which will include this fix).

But bottom line is that you are right, ongoing, unfixed showstopping bugs like this one (despite the fact that the fix is easy if you know where to look) do diminish the value of TKL and I'm sorry to hear that you wasted time on this one...

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That's because Debian only maintain backports for the current stable version. And wheezy is now "oldstable". So unfortunately that means that the TurnKey appliance is broken and there is not an easy fix. Sorry it's not very Turnkey...

You could try just downloading and installing redis-server from Jessie but you may have dependency issues. Besides, really you probably should read up on pinning; add the jessie repo and pin redis-server to it (give the rest of jessie a low pin so it can still install dependencies if need be but won't accidentally upgrade everything). That way you'll get security updates too (if you ad the jessie security repo to your security.sources.list).

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