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I am always struggling wth these Apache settings, I downloaded the PHPCake iso's and they work nicely out of the box. 

My issue is I have 2 VM's one Dev and one QA : 


  Dev serves  port 80 and 443 via a port forwarding from my cable modem/router 

  QA I am trying to setup to respond ot 8184 and 8143 but I am unable to conenct to them 
  either directly or via my public ip address over the web.


 How do I configure the QA VM using webmin to have it serve those ports? 



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Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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Most modern modem/routers that include NAT allow you to forward external (WAN) ports to different internal (LAN) ports. So (assuming your modem/router supports that) you should be able to forward external port 8184 to port 80 on your server (and same for 8143 to 443)

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