Op my proxmox servers I mainly use openvz containers. It's very convenient to download and install them from Turnkey. Especially because this is integrated in Proxmox.

Proxmox 4 wil move from openvz to lxc. Will there be the same integration with Turnkey?

Is it possible to convert the openvz containers I use now to LXC?

I really hope that the close integration of Turnkey and Proxmox will stay.



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Not replacing OpenVZ... But if you have info to the contrary please post links. :)

As for migrating; TKLBAM will let you migrate from one VM type to another no worries...

In this thread Tom makes it very clear: http://forum.proxmox.com/threads/22035-Jessie-and-3-10-0-OpenVZ-kernel-a...

And look at the Proxmox roadmap: http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Roadmap#Roadmap

Quite worrying, I would say as a intensive user of Turnkey Openvz servers.

I never installed tklbam in my Openvz containers. Can I install it afterwards?



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I had already seen the roadmap but in context of previous posts by Dietmar I was under the impression that the core PVE team still did not think that LXC was ready for production. E.g. AFAIK live migration does not yet work.

But it seems that they are doing things a little different for the v4.x release. I recall with v3.0 they had it pretty much ready to go with the release of Wheezy... It also looks like they are going to try to sidestep the systemd issue (by not using it).

I think that with the success of Squeeze LTS we can expect a Wheezy LTS too. And with additional work needing to be done before they can release the v4.x stable branch I think that v3.x will live a lot longer than the v2.x branch did after the release of Wheezy. Personally I won't be rushing to upgrade any v3.x PVE servers to v4.0. We have at least a year, but more likely 5-6 yrs (assuming a Wheezy LTS) for them to sort it out! :)

Depending on how long it takes, who knows, maybe the new OVZ version comes out and they change their mind (probably not but who knows...?) I would anticipate too that they will provide a script to migrate an OVZ container to an LXC one. They are very similar (as you probably know LXC relies on the kernel patches in mainline that the OVZ devs got merged).

As TurnKey already provides LXC builds it should be a fairly trivial matter to add LXC images to PVE the same way that the OVZ ones are there (assuming that PVE team don't change too much).

As for TKLBAM on your existing containers, it's installed already! You just need to enable it...

Thank you for your extensive answer. Quite reassuring.


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I have spoken with Martin (from Proxmox) and he said that theoretically the current OVZ templates should still work on Proxmox (even though they were built for OVZ they should still be compatible with LXC). At this stage this is untested though...

He also gave us some pointers/clues for our v14.0 release... We are hoping to produce a hybrid OVZ/LXC focused template for v14.0...

Regardless if you find yourself testing out the PVE 4.0beta I would really appreciate any feedback that you could give (basically if and/or how well the existing appliance run).

Thanks again for the heads up in the first place! :)

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Personally I've found that LXC works well on Proxmox v4.0. My old OpenVZ containers transferred to LXC fine (following instructions on the PVE wiki).

If you have concerns or problems then I urge you to discuss them with the Proxmox devs on the Proxmox forums.

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TurnKey templates for PVE v4.0 are live. For those of you still on v3.4 they should still work fine there too although you will need to manually download them first.

Check out the blog post for more info.

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Proxmox was forced to go with LXC because OpenVZ was dying with Wheezy. What is the point of keeping OpenVZ if nobody keeps it uptodate or develops it and what was the last official support date for Wheezy? Proxmox + LXC + Docker will be a super cool combo when they get it ready. It's a pity that it's not really ready yet.

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