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 Hi, Just found your site (quite impressed) & I'm trying out the File Server Appliance.  I can login ok to shell, shell in a box & eXtploer all OK but Not webmin, I'm using correct address  but get error 102 connection refused.  Any Ideas?

Thanks Garry

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I'm new at this too, but isn't the webmin port: 12321


(also make sure you've set up that port if on network)

EDIT: Oh wait, I'm not using the file server, I'm using the lamp server, sorry!

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Chris is correct, webmin listens on port 12321 on all appliances.
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 Thanks Chris & Alon, I feel a little embarrassed at missing that.  I guess that's what happens when I stay up till 1am.   



I really like the cleanness of the turnkey site, looks good & easy to navigate, not to mention what you guys are doing with the TurnKey appliances is fantastic.   I'm currently testing a number of specific Nas type solutions, eBox, FreeNas, Openfiler, when I cam across TurnKey & found your File Server Appliance. So far I really like Freenas with its small footprint & easy to use browser interface, but I'm a Ubuntu fan so keen to check out the TurnKey NAS.  In the past we have just used debian & later Ubuntu server.  

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If you're familiar with Ubuntu/Debian server then you'll have lots of fun with TKL. The appliances are nice straight out of the box, but being based on Ubuntu 8.04 makes them completely customisable. I think you'll find the TKL Fileserver appliance is pretty resource friendly too. I'm sure it'd run on 256MB RAM (or probably less). I have an instance running in an OpenVZ container which is serving tons of files and it runs at around 30MB RAM!

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Thanks Jed,  having a good poke around now.  I gues its not going to be too much differnet from my current ubuntu samba server, except it comes preconfigured with all the packages and modules ready to go with some nice gui's, to save the user time & a possible big learning curve over doing it from scratch?   Does this sound correct of am I misssing a few benifits of TKL.

I think TKL is fantastic concept, I only wish it was around 10yrs ago when I knew even less than what I do know :)

Cheers Garry

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I particularly find the preconfigured SSH and SFTP useful. I don't use Webmin much these days (except for configuring Samba) but it helped me with the transition from Win server to Linux.

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