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I'm a bit exhausted b this problem.

I've activated a new appliance on my proxmox server, the torrent server appliance.

It doesn't seem to start rtorrent.

in the webui:

No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file.


If I try to run the rtorrnt manually:

service rtorrent restart
Stopping rtorrent.
failed to connect to server: Connection refused
Error: failed to stop rtorrent process.
Starting rtorrent.
chmod: cannot access '/var/run/rtorrent/rpc.socket': No such file or directory
chown: cannot access '/var/run/rtorrent/rpc.socket': No such file or directory


I didn't change anything in the configuration. So it's a "geniune" problem.

Any Ideas ? don't know if I should create this rpc.socket and what to put in it....

But I guess this problem shound't appear since it's a virgin appliance...


best regards

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TBH we're still not sure why we never discovered it ourselves during testing.

Anyway, it can be worked around by replacing the rtorrent init script, with the new (fixed one):


FWIW it will be fixed in the upcoming v14.1 release...
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sorry about the known issue then.

are you sure about the URL? because I have a 404 error:) I can wait for the new release if it is in the next several days but if it is in one month or more I would gladly ask for a copy of the new script :)

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WRT to the URL, I just double checked my last post by copying everything from the code block in my last post into the terminal of a TurnKey appliance and it worked fine...!? I wonder why it's not working for you?

It shouldn't be as far away as a month, but it won't be in the next couple of days, that's for sure!

Seeing as that's not working you could manually do what is now included. You'll need to edit /etc/init.d/rtorrent and make the changes as per the commit here.

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it works now, maybe a DNS problem or something like that but seems that it fixed the problem after a reboot.

Can you tell me which is the name of the process?

because when I try "pgrep rtorrent" it doesn't return anything


okey just find it, so rtorrent si launching by rutorrent each time it has to download something if I understand correctly. but seems that torrent is still crashing from time to time, I will monitor that

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You just downloaded the new init script! It's called 'rtorrent' which is the name of the daemon! If you have a look at it you can see that it starts the rtorrent binary in a tmux session.

You should be able to use the service command. I.e.:

service rtorrent start
service rtorrent stop
# etc...
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So it seems that even with the modified script, it did work and not anymore. are there automatic update or things like that?

I should tell you too that on the proxmox server your app put a major stress on the server and put the server to a 5% IO delay (when the problm occured) so please test it for the next release just to be sure.

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But they only apply to Debian security updates. As a general rule they should not cause issues such as you describe. The v14.0 server that I have (with the applied fixes) is working fine for me. The (soon to be released) v14.1 version will be better though. It includes all the dependencies preconfigured so ruTorrent won't complain.

FWIW I am using the current v14.0 build and I also tested the v14.1 appliance on my Proxmox server (v4.0) and neither of them cause me any major IO issues. Having said that if you had queued a heap of torrents and then they all suddenly started trying to download and/or upload then that would probably explain the IO spike. Especially if you only have a single HDD. If you have a RAID array, or even an LVM across multiple PVs then you should be ok.

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mmmh okok so debian security updates I see.

For the IO I Ame on a RAID 10 array and it was this ocntainer, but as I said it was when the disconnection between rutorrent and rtorrent occured. Maybe it was a disconnection in live so maybe during the process of running the container at a precise moment the disconnection occured and so it have been IO delay because of the process asking for a lot of ressources or something like that. But anyway I'm positive that it was your container since when I stopped it it resolves the problem.

(Proxmox 4.1 by the way)

I m' pretty impatient about your new releases:)

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