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We are using an older version of OTRS, 3.1.7 I think. Today we became unable to create and close tickets. Several of the newest tickets created have negative signs next to numbers that indicate how old the ticket is, and some are obviously incorrect.

Do you have any idea's what we might do to fix this?

Also, I have downloaded the lastest version of OTRS in the form of an OVF file and installed on to a VMWare server. How can I import all of my data, customers, and other info from the older version into the new version?

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The first thing to do would be to consult the logs. Generally all the log files are stored in /var/log. I don't recall where OTRS itself is installed from though so not sure if there'll be a log file explicitly for that though. Still the DB log file should be there and perhaps that might shed some light?

Often if a hard drive is suffering corruption it will initially go into a "read only" state prior to total failure?! Perhaps running some hardware scanning utilities on the host might also be worthwhile?! Although I would be wary of doing too much unless you have a really recent backup. If it is a hardware issue, the risk of data loss is high.

If you have backups then perhaps you could just try restoring a recent backup? It may be a good idea to create a new backup first though just in case that doesn't fix it and you want to roll back to now and continue troubleshooting.

If you are using TKLBAM then you can restore your data to the new v14 VM. However it will almost certainly require you to tweak some things to get it running right. We have a doc page which provides a suggested workflow and give some specific pointers to likely issues you'll encounter.

Regardless, personally if I were you I'd be keen to understand the problem so as to reduce the chance of it happening again. Perhaps its the early symptoms of a hardware failure on the host? Unless you can pinpoint the issue it remains a possibility! If you or someone else handy can't get to the bottom of it and the data is important, get an expert in ASAP!

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I see that you've posted in another thread. Rather than hijacking someone else's thread, lets keep discussion of your issues all here together in your thread.
I have set up a hub account on Amazon and backed up my old system. I then tried to restore this backup to my new system, and I receive error which I am unable to post here due to it being blocked as spam. Is there a complete document that describes how to do this? I have found examples of various ways to do this, but none have worked. ====================================================================== Old system = turnkey-otrs-13.0-wheezy-amd64 New system = turnkey-otrs-14.1-jessie-amd64

I have tweaked your website user account so you should now be able to bypass most of the spam measures so please feel free to post further info.

With regard to your specific issue, whilst we produce the appliance, we are not experts in usage of the included software. If the error you are referring to is related to OTRS and you post further info, it is possible that I will be able to help out but it is also likely that I may not be able to give you much specific OTRS advice.

As noted in the doc page I previously linked to, it is likely that you will need to manually tweak things to get everything working properly within your new v14.x appliance. Unfortunately no one else has posted details of specifically what tweaks are required for the OTRS appliance so we're all in the dark. :(

So please post further info and I'll try to point you in the right direction. However, worst case scenario, you may need to hire someone to assist you to complete the migration if you're out of your depth. I know an expert Debian freelancer who should be able to help out if you need a hand.

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