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I play with turnkeylinux an tklp., it's good project, i wouldlike contribute to turnkeylinux.

I wouldlike learn how turnkey-core.iso is build, but i find any documentation about this.

The only things what i find is release note about turnkeylinux.

If any documentaion is available, i can make it on:

start with ubuntu server iso or debian iso and build turnkey-core with all specific packages.

I think that documentation about this can explain many thing about process of virtual appliance and live-cd.

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I had read this:

But this training session explain how use and what is tklpatch. I understand this and it's a good work.

But I wouldlike some information about build of turkey-core.iso cdrom. How start with ubuntu-server and finish with turnkey-core version, in order to improve the core build or contribute to this.

thank you

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so that's why you haven't found any of that documentation. TBH they haven't requested any assistance in that regard and I'm not sure if they have any need (although I obviously can't speak for them).

They have created TKLPatch (which it seems you have already read about) specfically so people can assist with TKL. They have requested and encouraged anyone who is keen to contribute to TKL, do so by providing patches. So if you want to pitch in, have a read of the rest of the TKLPatch documentation and have a go. Also don't forget that there's a competition on!

Even if you still wish to focus on TKL Core (rather than develop prototype appliances), you could still make a patch that tweaks/adds/removes components of Core. I'm sure Alon and Liraz would be interested in your take on that.

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Some of this has been discussed before, but perhaps it would be beneficial to elaborate a bit to better explain what the deal is with the behind the scenes infrastructure.

The groundwork for TurnKey was laid down about 3-4 years ago when my employer setup the infrastructure (e.g., repositories, build machines, caching proxies, etc.) using a conglomeration of Ubuntu/Debian packages, scripts and processes as the starting point. The infrastructure evolved organically in patchwork fashion. It wasn't originally meant to be used for TurnKey but for something else entirely (custom financial systems).

If someone really wants to setup their own development environment and build an ISO from scratch, they can, it's not a secret, lots of Linux distributions do it. We haven't made documenting how our specific infrastructure works a priority because:

  1. It would be a lot of work and we've decided that energy would be better spent working on other items on our ever growing todo list.
  2. It's nothing special compared with what's already publicly available (Google is your friend).
  3. Replicating our infrastructure would require much more work than we could reasonably expect from a casual community contributor.
  4. TKLPatch already provides an easy way to manipulate TurnKey appliances to your heart's content.

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