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 i can use telegram bot in community , but now i'm try to use email notif.. it won't receive at all


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is that real, email notif can only uses on pro version

i'm running community version, i can use bot telegram, email cant, hmm

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Is this on the TurnKey Observium appliance? And if so, could you please clarify which particular version (i.e. the output of 'turnkey-version'). Plus also please share whether you have upgraded Observium to the latest version. If not, I suggest that you do that first (as per notes on the Observium appliance page).

If the issue still occurs, can you note whether you have set up a system-wide SMTP relay (e.g. via confconsole)? And if so, whether other emails are being delivered ok. Any other config modifications you've made to Observium would also be useful to understand.

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