Home URL : www.vtiger.com

admin username : admin

admin password : admin

Base : Turnkey LAMP Lucid

Download URL : http://sourceforge.net/projects/vtigercrm/


Database is populated with sample data .

Raleigh Guevarra's picture

Hi, when this going to be release? is there any plans of releasing this officially, I mean not just a patch? again thanks a lot for great work here also with other package you did.

Jeremy Davis's picture

I'm not 100% sure this will make it in as an official appliance but possibly. Good to know there's interest, that may help make sure the core devs include it! No clear ETA but hopefully soon :)

Paulo Cesar Emerique's picture

Hi, trying to apply the patch, it failed due to wget renaming file as "download" ... then could fix editing conf, adding -O vtigercrm-5.2.0-RC.tar.gz to wget line

Alon Swartz's picture

An official TurnKey Vtiger appliance has been released as part of 11.0. We still need to create the appliance page with the download link and other details, but you don't have to wait.

Paulo Cesar Emerique's picture

Hi, after patching wget line as indicated above, now script stops at:

+ /etc/init.d/mysql start
/tmp/tklpatch/conf: line 42: /etc/init.d/mysql: No such file or directory

To make it clear, my env is:

- working on a turnkey11-core machine, where I installed tklpatch

- copied to it turnkey-core-11.0rc-lucid-x86.iso, and vtiger.tar.gz patch

- tar xvf vtiger patch, changed conf script

now I run: tklpatch turnkey-core-11.0rc-lucid-x86.iso vtiger

By now I will setup vTiger manually, over a core or LAMP turnkey Lucid ... need to move ahead ... posting just to help finishing this appliance.

Alon Swartz's picture

As Basil mentioned in the original post, the TKLPatch is based on TurnKey LAMP, not Core. Also note my comment above - The official TurnKey Vtiger appliance has been released.

Paulo Cesar Emerique's picture

Dear Alon, tks for the answer ... I did install from iso, but after trying first tklbam-backup, I think it needs some tuning ... it was backing up /etc/.git folder with hundreds of files.

Liraz Siri's picture

TKL 11.0 uses etckeeper to maintain /etc under revision control automatically. It's extremely useful for keeping track of changes to /etc over time. tklbam is correct to back it up by default but if you don't want that you can easily add an override:
echo -/etc/.git >> /etc/tklbam/overrides
Liraz Siri's picture

TurnKey vTiger was included in TurnKey Linux 11 release (part one), based on this TKLPatch.

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