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Hi, I'm sure I'll look as a total noob for asking this, but then again that's what I probably are when it comes to RoR, so anyways...

The question is: I have the Rails appliance running on VirtualBox, so how do I deploy a RoR app on it? How do I access it? There's lot of tutorials over the web about going "rails whatever", tweaking some files and then running the ad-hoc server to test it as I go, and I managed to get Rails apps running on my host computer without breaking a sweat, but that doesn't really do much for me on the TKL: my VirtualBox image is running on bridged network, but I can't figure out how to access the app from my host OS (Ubuntu Maverick, by the way). I was thinking I could start an app and point my host browser to [Appliance IP]:3000 but that doesn't work. Then I found out there's a "railsapp" folder on the www root, so I went into the "scripts" subfolder and ran the "server" script, but when I point to my appliance over port 3000 I get a long wait (a few minutes) until I get directed to the start page (the one with the Web Shell and Webmin shortcuts).

Is there a firewall I need to tinker with? Something else that should be done before attempting to serve Rails apps? I'm running the image out of the box, I just set it to fixed IP because otherwise the IP address changes every few minutes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have no experience with RoR or the TKL RoR appliance but I can say that there is no firewall enabled by default in TKL appliances.

There are some docs here, but they are a little old so be great if you can test it out and we can look at updating them if they don't still work. There are also a couple of posts here that may head you in the right direction.

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Thanks! I'll most certainly come back here and share how to get this running once I figured out.

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