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I am new to Turnkey, but found the installation very easy.

I am using a static IP and can get to the Webadmin screen via Https with no problems.

Should the sample Ruby on Rails app fire up automatically or am I missing a step?

The Passanger module is a new thing for me as well so perhaps I missed something there.

From the description it looks like Mongrel was dropped so the script/server command is not going to help.

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Glad to hear you've got your TKL server up and running no worries!

On the appliance page it says:

"Preconfigured example Rails application located at /var/www/railsapp"

I would assume that'd be equate to http://appliance-ip/railsapp/ Is that where you looked?

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I do exactly this http://appliance-ip/railsapp/

on the appliance but I get "The page you were looking for doesn't exist"

I can see the folder /var/www/railsapp and I see the /etc/apache2/conf/railsapp.conf file.

How do I run the rails apps?

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http://appliance-ip/images/rails.png shows the ruby on rails icon

When I look at the /var/www/railsapp/views/cp/index.html.erb, I see that the whole web site is running through rails.

When I add my new rails sites, I will need to create named virtual directories to access the new rails sites.

I have learned alot from looking out how this appliance is configured with apache.

The appliances are well done.  I am learning alot about ubuntu from looking at all the great work you have done.

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Were you able to fix this? If so how?

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My limited experience with Ruby on Rails has sent me in a new direction.  If I want to deploy to Heroku or EngineYard, everything is very easy and tied in with GIT.

When I want to host my own Ruby on Rails Server at our company, deployment become unknown with documentation that was incomplete.

I gave up because I never figured out how to deploy.  Great Language, Ruby, but the Ruby and Rails arrogance of convention over configuration and only one way to do something, became to much work.

I am using PHP instead.

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Thanks for the reply.

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I'm also stuck on this, I have been able to run webrick inside the app by updating rails and doing:

"rails s"

but still no go with the apache passenger module, tried running:

http://tk-rails-ip/ (takes me to webmin)

http://tk-rails-ip/railsapp/ (404)

http://tk-rails-ip/railsapp/public (404)

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Sorry!! I figured out now that in fact im seeing the default railsapp at http://tk-rails-ip/

the thing is that its not the default railsapp that I (and many of us) expected so we were all thinking it was not working!

So if you are seeing this:

You are now on the default railsapp

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The external image linked from the comment is no longer valid. What did it show?



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 http: // tk-rails-ip /  - показывает веб морду TurnKey 

У когонибудь получилось понять как это работает ???


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The landing page is a Ruby on Rails "example app".

It's a super simple app that just displays the landing page.

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