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I would just like to put in a request for a Kaltura Turnkey appliance. I think it would be a great addition to the Turnkey collection. Kaltura Video Platform Community Edition Full featured open source video platform running on your own servers or cloud.

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Thanks for making the suggestion. We're currently in the process of doing some major construction work on our infrastructure to remove a few bottlenecks that have been limiting how far we can scale TurnKey. After that, adding new appliances should be much easier than it is now and we'll consider Kaltura as well.
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Great! I hope that your restructuring goes well :)

If you do end up making a Kaltura appliance would this be announced anywhere in particular (so that I can keep an eye out for it (and other appliances))?

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So if you are subscribed to the blog you will hear about it that way.

Also if you want to push development of a Kultura appliance perhaps you could look into creating a TKLPatch? That will increase the liklihood that it will happen sooner rather than later and will mean that you will have an (unofficial) TKL Kultura appliance to play with until the devs release an official one.

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I have added the blog rss feed to my rss client :)

I will probably have a go at installing kaltura myself though I am not sure that my implementation will be completely appropriate as I plan to install Exim or similar and point it to a gmail account to get email notifications working. 

I took a quick look at the TKLPatch link - but it will require some time and digestion for me to get how it works (as a simple bash script or list of terminal commands typically takes care of my needs. Would that be useful at all?

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And even if your implementation isn't appropriate for general consumption, I personally would still be interested in what customisations you make and why.

In it's simplest form a TKLPatch can be a single bash script (the 'conf' script inside the patch) so converting one into a patch would be really easy, so even if you don't want to get your hands dirty with TKLPatch it would still be useful. A list of commands is not quite as good, but still useful to base a patch off. IMO one of the great things about TKLPatch is that you can also include overlay files. I find this makes it much easier to drop in (preconfigured) config files and such, rather than having to 'sed' stuff (or do it manually via a text editor).

Regardless be great to hear how you go with it all.

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Well, hopefully I will be successful and be able to contribute something. It sounds like a script is most useful - especially if it comes with a copy of the altered config files that can simply be copied into place.

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FYI if you want to attach files here you'll need to edit your initial post as only the first post in a forum thread allows attachments. If you run into any problems don't be scared to ask. I'm no wizz but sometimes a fresh set of eyes can do wonders. :)

Good luck and look forward to hear how you go.

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I did get Kaltura installed but there are unresolved issues and I will not have time to look at this for quite some while now as I will be busy changing diapers very soon - I was hoping that it would be more straight-forward than it turned out to be. 

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If you get a chance though, it'd be great if you could post any documentation or details (of both what worked and what didn't) etc. That way maybe someone can pick up where you left off rather than starting from scratch.

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I shall try and post some documentation - i followed an existing guide but I do recall one or two things that were not clear ... 

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Even if you post the link you used and whatever info you have. The more you can provide the better the chances it will make it into the appliance library.

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The guide that I followed is here:

The gotchas on Ubuntu 10.4 are that many of the packages listed cannot be found to install - but when I checked what was running (info.php) I think that the packages were all listed as running.

The following instruction could have done with some clarification:


** Verify that the following settings within the php.ini file on each server (for both php and php-
- For PHP 5.3: Verify that request_order parameter includes C, G and P (Default Value: "CGP")
I found that the line that this refers to in not the first search result for CGP that I found when searching through php.ini (and so I kept getting an error until I found this out). 
I didn't install any extra modules or JRE etc.
I got as far as logging into Kaltura but functionality was broken and I could not upload, "Server error" message. 
Sorry for the delay in replying, my newborn has me rather sleep deprived! :)
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Have you tried the Kaltura website? I imagine that they'd have a forum and/or mailing list so perhaps worth asking there?
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It'd be great to have a Kaltura appliance, but I'm not sure when (or if) we'll get a chance to do that. If you'd like to help us push ahead with that, then even if you could try installing it on TurnKey Core (or one of the other appliances if there is a better base appliance to use) and providing notes on the install process, that would be a big help.

Even better if you wanted to start writing the build code! :) If you want to have a stab at that, I'd be happy to assist with development coaching. First off probably best to start with TKLDev. You will most likely also find the docs useful too (that's sort of like a "meta" doc page with links elsewhere).

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