Hello all,

I'm trying to connect to the server for file upload using filezilla and it doesn't connect. I can't connect MySqul QUery Browser either. It seems to be having an issue with the settings I have selected.

I'm using the joomla appliance and installed it successfully. I can see the server on the network and it pings to it just fine. I can ftp using ssh but it takes me to the root directory rather than the www. Also, I can use localhost/"sitefolder"/index.htm to access the test site.

I'm very new to this and need any and all the help I need to set this up properly.



Ok...After further reading in the forum I have figured out that the only option to use is sFTP for uploading files...so i have that working properly. Actually, I installed vsftp to see if it would help me log in as ftp and I still can't use it...just sftp.

My issues continue though. How can I access the specific site on my browser? The only way I have been able to do it is by going to webmin and accessing the file there. double click and it shows in the browser. There should be a simpler way...shouldn't there?

And the MySQL GUI Tools access to the server is still giving errors. What server host, username and password should I use? All this is very confusing to me since I know nothing on the subject and can't find anything online to help me figure it out.

I imagine there's some kind of setup that needs to be fixed somewhere in order to let me access the server with filezilla and mysql gui tools since all hosting companies do it.

Thanks for any answers


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Where is it installed? On a VM on your local machine? On physical or virtual hardware within your LAN? On physical or virtual hardware somewhere online (ie WAN or VPN)?

Depending on that information, you may need to ensure that there are no firewalls, etc. Port forwarding may be required depending on your setup, and how you are trying to access your server.

Unless there is something blocking your server, the web page that its serving should be available by typing in the same IP address or hostname that you are using for SFTP. Webmin should also be available by typing in https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:12321/ (replace xxx with IP numbers or hostname). If you are on a LAN and using a hostname, double check that the hostname exists on your local DNS (or better still just use the IP until you have connectivity issues sorted, then work on getting the hostname to work).

Hope thats some help.

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Accessing mysql remotely:
MySQL is bound to localhost by default. By commenting out the bind-address in the MySQL configuration, it will bind to all interfaces, and allow you to connect remotely:
sed -i "s/^bind-address/#bind-address/" /etc/mysql/my.cnf
You might also need to give the mysql root account privileges to access the database remotely.

You might need to tweak the vsftpd configuration: /etc/vsftpd.conf

Accessing the site:
I don't really understand exactly what you are getting at, but browsing to http://appliance_ip (displayed in the configuration console) should display the joomla site.

I hope the above helps...

The purpose of wanting a web server locally is for web development. Thinking you could create a single virtual instance of a lamp server and adding separate site folders to /var/www would be enough I was getting confused with all the different Lamp settings needed ( I was trying to set up a LAMP server separate from the appliances since i couldn't get it to work). Realizing it needed further virtualization inside the lamp in order to get what I wanted I figured I'd stick with the appliance which makes it much easier.

So getting to your questions,

Where is it installed? On a VM on your local machine?  On physical or virtual hardware within your LAN?  On physical or virtual hardware somewhere online (ie WAN or VPN)?

I have setup a Vbox image hosted in XP. It's using my router to connect with the applied static address. The firewall is clearing the ip address by manual insertion. I'm currently able to connect via Filezilla and my browser to the Joomla appliance using all the default settings plust the password I specified. But I can't connect to the separate iteration of the LAMP appliance (either both on or with joomla appliance off).

I still can't connect to the Joomla appliance using MySQL GUI Tools, specifically MySQL Query Browser. The reason I need this if because a tutorial is using it (althout they have theirs setup using a XAMP server). If I can't get it to work I will more than likely try to follow using phpMyadmin. But stubborn as I am, I like to see if I can find a solution for any future situations.

Here's a link to the error message I get from MySQL Query Browser. From previous reading I'm thinking I need to make the specific port available or something of that nature. You will probably let me know.

You might also need to give the mysql  root account privileges to access the database remotely.

Could you go into further details on how to do this so I can try it and see if that works? I figure, as stated before, that it could be the port not being available, but maybe this would help also.

I don't really understand exactly what you are getting at, but browsing to http://appliance_ip (displayed in the configuration console)  should display the joomla site.

You're absolutely right. It does work and it did originally. I was just confused with the fact that the appliance is self contained and doesn't have any virtualization set up within. I figure I can virtualize the LAMP server but why bother. All I have to do is create a Vbox image for every site I work on and that should be just fine if not even easier. The only one I can't access via the browser is my LAMP Vbox image even when the joomla image is turned off. I'm guessing because it's using the same ports to communicate, but once again, I'm sure you'll get me cleared on that one.

I'll continue to play around with this while I wait for any of your very helpul replies and if I figure something out I will let you know.

Thanks a bunch.


Hey Alon,

I found a similar situation in another post and I'm thinking it could help in my situation with mysql gui tools. Could you tell me what you meant by your last statement? Should I not apply the same changes as the OP did?



PS..what can I say, couldn't wait for your answer. Didn't work.

So I did:

sed -i "s/^bind-address/#bind-address/" /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Replace "address" with my ipaddress


You might also need to give the mysql root

account privileges to access the database remotely.

And still no dice.


PS.. This time I did it exactly how you stated the command and it worked!!!!! Now I will definitely wait for your response on the LAMP situtation.

Thanks again. You guys are great!!!

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Could you explain what you mean by the "lamp situation".
Also, from your last post I assume that you can now access mysql remotely, correct?

Hey Alon,

Yes, you assume correctly. On my virtual joomla installation using Vbox I have everything running smoothly right now (that is, without having gone in to learn the actual inner workings of joomla).

The LAMP situation is with respect to a separate virtuall installation I have created inside Vbox using your LAMP appliance. I have installed the LAMP appliance and have set the static ip different from the joomla appliance installation. If I run the LAMP installation alone or along side the joomla install, I can't access the LAMP install in any way from the sftp or browser.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that they use the same port for webmin. But the fact remains that I can't access any aspect of this server.

Did I explain myself properly?


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Lets simplify. You can't access the LAMP server over the network, period.

This leads to me to question your VM networking configuration. I am reminded of your previous post where you needed to configure bridged networking for your Joomla VM. Did you do the same for LAMP?

Hey Alon,

Yes. Your statement is correct. As far as the network setting, if I'm not mistaken, I did since I set them up at the same time. However, I'm not near that system right now so I will check later on tonight.

Am wondering. What would I need to do to get them both running at the same time as if I had different servers running? Right now they both use "ipaddress:12321" and "ipaddress:12322" for webmin and mysql. I'm thinking there are other similarities that may conflict also or is the speific por reffering to the server and not my XP machine.

I just want to be able to run any Vbox server I want or create alongside any other Vbox server at the same time if needed. Not have to turn one on and the other off. Have I explained myself properly?

Thanks Alon


Yes, Alon. It turned out to be the network setting. It's back to bridged and running great. I'm going to test running them both at the same time to see what happenbs.


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so you'll need to make sure you are forwarding that port through NAT. Also make sure you use SFTP in the drop down in Filezilla (rather than the standard FTP - even if you use port 22 it still won't work). I'm not familar with FireFTP but assuming it can handle SFTP then its just a matter of finding the option to enable it.

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Yes the 'S' is for secure. Forwarding port 22 is also handy for SSH. IMO PuTTY is a good Windows app.

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Because there are to many unknowns, but basically you will need a static IP or a dynamic DNS updater (you can use the Hub for this if you like). And you will also need to forward the port(s) (if behind a NAT router/modem and/or add an exception (if behind a hardware firewall).

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