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Add SabNZBd to Torrent Appliance

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Torrent is one of the biggest download platforms in the world, but what about Usenet? It is a big platform too! Can the developers integrate SabNZBdPlus with the torrent appliance? I think the name "Torrent Server" is no more sufficient, so "Download Server Appliance" would be more likely.

Many work? No. Sabnzbd is allready in the repo's, but I ain't sure if it is the latest version. Only thing to do is intergrate it with Samba and ClamAV.

Also, a web tool to download from HTTP/FTP would be nice.

Hope this idea is good enough to implement, looking forward for it with the next release.

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I think an NBZ appliance is a great idea.

I just had a look at SabNZB and it looks like a great candidate. It apparetly has a web interface so should work nicely headless. If you are keen and want it included in the TKL Torrentserver appliance then how about make a TKLPatch for it?

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Sabnzbd plus is web based

Actually, the whole idea behind SabNZBd is that it is a web interface. It is one of the most advanced usenet clients out there.

But I can't make a TKL patch. I am too inexpirenced with it. So I hope the kind developers do it for me...

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The only way to get experience is get your hands dirty :)

12 months ago I had no (positive) Linux experience. Now I love it and can't get enough! All my PCs at home run Linux (some still dual boot for my sons games) and at work we now have Linux powered server VMs and Netbooks (thanks to my pushing and support).

But if its all too much for you or you don't have the time or interest to learn then thats fine. Just don't expect to see it happen anytime soon if you leave it to the devs. They are a very very busy 2 man team. You may get lucky and another member of the community may pick it up and run with it (maybe even me!? - If I ever find the time!).

If you want to see your idea acted upon soon (and your not willing to engage in the learning curve) then your only other option would be to financially sponsor that feature.

PS I am yet to spend any real time with TKP Patch and don't have a great understanding of it, but have a glance through the documentation here and if you have any questions, post here and hopefully someone will be able to help out.

Learning TKLPatch

In our case, learning TKLPatch was difficult to accomplish. I'm still not sure if it was a lack of prior knowledge or if we were getting confused by the docs.

What ultimately worked for us very well was looking at other patches, and trying to understand every bit of them. So we've posted all our build notes, as well as the conf files that contain the essential bash scripts at http://9while9.com. We've tried to document and comment every step, so they'll be helpful to others.

THat's how we had to learn. I'm sure other people have had success using other strategies. And I'm sure the TKLPatch have been straightforward for others.

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Lowering the barrier of entry to TKLPatch development

First, thanks for your feedback.

We are interested in lowering the barrier of entry to TKLPatch development, so we are open to ideas from the community.

  • How could we improve the documentation?
  • Should we include more example patches?
  • Should the patches have more embedded documentation?
  • Maybe create a tutorial explaining development of an example patch?
  • If there is enough interest, maybe organize an interactive TKLPatch lesson on IRC, with a Q&A session at the end?

TKLPatch for HS students

I've produced an array of documentation and handouts regarding the patch process that I've used with high school students.

What I'd be happy to do in a few weeks is gather it together and create sequences of documents - perhaps tutorials - to help with accessibility. I'll probably host it at my own wiki temporarily, and then anything you like can be incorporated into what TKL hosts.

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That sounds awsome Rik

FYI the existing documentation can be found here.

If you let me know when you've got your documentation up (just post here will be fine), I can copy & paste into the TKL wiki if you're happy with that and don't have the time to do it.

TKL Documentation

Toward the middle of June, when the semester is over and summer has begun, I will begin posting what I've accumulated. I don't feel comfortable adding to the wiki myself - and am pretty sure I don't have permissions in any case. So yeah, It'll be great to share a project with you, JedMeister. (and thanks again for all the kind encouragement.)

Rik Goldman

TKLPatch Primer

I've started work on a TKLPatch Primer at http://9while9.com (last item on the main menu). It's not complete yet, and it may have some syntax errors that I haven't caught yet.

The hurdle I'm finding is that it's written in kinda first person pov: as in "we used" and "we've found". So if it's going to be copied over, I'm guessing I need to revise out the first person voice.

If you have a chance, let me know what you think so far.



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Whilst thats probably ideal

I'm of the opinion that any documentation is better than none - or limited docs. I've just had a look at what you've got so far and its looking pretty good to me. Unfortunately I haven't got time to have a really good read but I hope to on my day off tomorrow. Whilst its looking like it's going to be a pretty busy day, I plan to make some time for TKL.

I've just made a child page in the current TKLPatch docs on the TKL Wiki, I'll probably delete this down the track once we get your info merged with what's currently there, but in the meantime it provides a way for your current docs to be easily found by those seeking TKL help.

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