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Turnkey Mailscanner Appliance

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Hi Guy's first of all thanks for the great work on your turnkey appliances, I was just wondering have you thought about doing an appliance for MailScanner + Mailwatch? is this something else would be interested in?

Thanks in advance and for the amazing work that you guy's have done =)

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I don't think anyone has plans to at this stage

but after having a quick look it looks like quite a good option. Perhaps someone will? Or if you really want to see it happen, perhaps you can learn about TKLPatch and create a patch for it?

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Mailscanner, Mailwatch Follow up

Thanks JedMeister, I am currently working on an installation script, that will include, Postfix Apache, Mysql, MailScanner, Spamassassin, ClamAV, MailWatch, SPF Checks, FuzzyOcr, SQLGrey, Scamnailer, Webmin, and alterMIME, on Lenny, but I will have a look at the TKLPatch, thanks again =)



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Sounds cool!

Not sure if you realised but the devs have produced a TKL Lenny Core beta too (which includes Webmin and all the usual TKL goodness).

Also FYI the TKLPatch documentation is here. You should be able to drop most (if not all) of your install script into the conf file.  Patches are a little like install scripts but can be so much more!

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Excellent, More reading =)

Thanks JedMeister,

I will have a look at it, I think something like this would be a great addition to the many great apps that people use on Turnkey, so thanks heaps for your help, I will let you know my progress =).



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