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Every morning I keep hoping the Ubuntu 10.04 versions of your appliances are available.

Also, Drupal, Joomla and Word Press all have new versions or will have new versions soon.  Do you plan to update these appliances in the near future?

I guess what I am hoping is for more status updates.  Can you share your time lines for migration to Ubuntu 10.04?

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The v11.0RC ISOs (available for download via the individual appliance pages) are based on Ubuntu 10.04. Newer versions of Drupal (6.16), Joomla (1.5.15) and WordPress (11.0) are included, although they may not be the latest versions. You can use TKLBAM to migrate your data. They are not final releases (hence the RC - Release Candidate) but despite that are very stable and are completely usable.

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