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Hello, what about new Redmine VM? Current version was built 6 months ago.
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But the core devs (2 of them) are very busy guys with lives and jobs outside of TKL. They also have a todo list a mile long (and growing). So yes I'm sure they will be releasing a maintenance update of the v11.1 appliances but I suspect it will be after they have released v11.x part 2 which is running way behind schedule.

AFAIK they have been working really hard on upgrading/redesigning their backend build infrastructure which will reduce bottlenecks and make it easier and quicker for them to stay on top of stuff. The downside though is that it takes energy away from other stuff they'd like to do, such as releasing new appliances and updating the current ones.

So what to do now? Well you can just wait and hope and pray that it comes soon... Or you could create an updated/updating patch. Ie a TKLPatch that will update an existing server or update an ISO (lots of info here in the forums or in the docs). If you can provide a working update patch I will patch the current appliance and release it as a Community updated appliance (available to download from the TKL Community SourceForge project). Others should be able to use it as a way to update too if they wish. I'm more than willing to help you in whatever way I can. OpenSource... Don't you just love it! :)

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Worked fine on my Redmine VM -

This updates Redmine to v1.2.1.

Feedback appreciated!

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