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All appliances have been of great help - I am v.thankful for bringing so many cool apps and appliances.

Does TKL Plans to have a teambox appliance ? (www.teambox.com)

It is a great project mgmt. app -

I have been struggling to install it on my local Linux vm so a TKL appliance will be of great help !!

will be grateful if TKL will release a teambox appliance - Thanks

Kind Regards

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We have a big list (currently

We have a big list (currently about 45) of new appliances that will make it into the next release batch. We hadn't previously considered Teambox but it looks like a nice project. If someone put together a TKLPatch for it that would make it much more likely to get squeezed into the next release.

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I second that. This would be

I second that. This would be an excellent addtion.

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I might be able to make a TKLpatch for this...

I took a quick peruse on the teambox site but didn't see the links to download software or any installation instructions.  Is teambox OpenSource? If so, can someone post the link to the installation instructions or community site?


Never mind... just found it. I may have some time to take a look in January.

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Any luck? 

Any luck? 

Eric (tssgery)'s picture

I have not looked at it at

I have not looked at it at all.


Life has taken me in a little different direction over the last month or so and my ability to play with things like this has greatly diminished. As I remember, it did not seem like it would be too terribly difficult to get done if someone else wants to pick it up.

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I can relate to that! :)

And I'm in a somewhat similar position.

When things settle down a little I may be able to have a look at this one. Won't be for another couple of weeks though probably (and no guarantees).

See how I go...

@aproposnix (and others):
Feel free to bump again in a few weeks if there hasn't been any obvious progress. Although if you want to see this pushed ahead, doing an install on top of TKL Core (or perhaps LAMP?) and documenting it would make patch development much easier and quicker (which would then in turn influence the likelihood of an official TKL appliance). Even just providing some links to install instructions etc would be a great start.

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One note of Interest Here.

Looks like a good and important collaboration application.  I would expect there are others out there as well.  Happy to be a test gerbil.

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Teambox Software appliance Live CD

Hi. Here you have documentation (in spanish) about how to do a Live CD ISO with a Teambox installation ready to run. It has been done by a student of UOC.


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