I tried to setup the Redmine Applicance and let me say that the LDAP Auth "just worked"

While trying to setup the Subversion repository though, it didn't work. I searched the forums but people had reported problems only as back as 2009 (Redmine + SVN).

I tried the "automatic WS" option as well, but that didn't work either.

* Would it possible to clarify in the UI itself what the URL exactly means (i.e. where the directory would get created for the different protocols).

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I have no experience with the Redmine appliance but perhaps it may be useful to check with Remine docs/forums/etc?

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Thanks for posting back! :)

As the current TKL appliance includes an upstream version of Redmine I suspect that the devs will again include the latest stable upstream version when they create the new v12.0 Redmine appliance.

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So whether it is 3rd party may not be relevant. But this is something of a gray area AFAIK. Really as long as plugins are open source it shouldn't be a problem.

Having said that though, the only plugins that would normally make it into a TKL appliance would be ones that add useful functionality which the majority of TKL users would benefit from. I don't know whether an LDAP plugin would make it in under those conditions...

But assuming that adding plugins is relatively straight forward, then the TKL appliance should support it pretty easily I would hope.

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There is a TKLPatch to upgrade TKL v11.x Redmine to the latest here. TKLPatch docs are here. Post if there's anything you're not sure about.

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