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I'm part of development team of TestLink (, and obviously I think that  a TestLink TurnKey Appliance will be a good thing to have.

I've read you are lot of work to do, but may be you can consider this application also.

Thanks in advance.

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But what exactly does Testlink do? I gather that it runs tests. And the name would suggest that it tests links? Even after having a bit of a read on the site, a quick browse of some of the documentation and a very brief glance at the demo, I'm still not at all clear what TestLink is trying to acheive and why and how I might want to use it.

So my initial feedback would be to perhaps supply some brief writeup on what TestLInk actually does, the problem that TestLink is the solution to, that sort of thing. IMO it should be the landing/main/front page of your site. Surely even a newb should be able to understand what Testlink is trying to achieve from a cusory glance at the front page?

...Anyway criticisms aside (hopefully they are constructive), if you would like to see TestLink as an official TKL appliance then you (or someone from your community) will probably need to do a bit of leg work. The core devs (Alon & Liraz) are snowed under with work and there is a huge backlog of new appliances to create (that have already been approved). This is without the prospects of an update to (Ubuntu 12.04 based) TKL v12.x, as well as the likelihood of Debian based v12.x appliances too (alongside the Ubuntu based ones - the idea is to have both so TKL users can choose). So if you would like to create a TKLPatch for the current v11.3 release I would be more than happy to apply it to the ISO and provide it for download on the TKL Community Downloads SF site.

If you want any pointers or help with TKLPatch, then feel free to post back and I'll try to help where I can.

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So TestLink is for software (product?) test management (planning and recording). That makes plenty of sense and seems like quite an interesting product. I don't think I've ever come across anything like that before.


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That's what I meant - recording as in record keeping. Nice.

So basically in a nutshell, TestLink is a quality control planning and auditing tool specifically relating to software (or product?) testing!?

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I have just registered a Blueprint here:

I haven't had much of a look at it further but from what i can see it should install with minimal additional work on top of TKL LAMP appliance. Considering it's uniqueness and potential usefulness I think it is a great candidate for inclusion as a TKL appliance. Official inclusion would also give TestLink additional exposure which can only be a good thing.

As for inclusion in the library, as I mentioned above, the best way to push it forward is production of a TKLPatch. It should be pretty straight forward (assuming that it installs ok on TKL LAMP). If you don't have anyone in your dev team/community who is interested/able to produce a TKLPatch, if you can get someone to install TestLink on top of TKL LAMP and document the steps taken I would be willing to create a patch from that and upload the resulting ISO to the TKL Community Downloads SourceForge site.

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Sorry I have been so slow to respond. As you may already be aware I'm only a volunteer here and life has been incredibly hectic over the last six months... Thanks for posting the info and sorry I haven't done anything with it... Hopefully I'll get a chance to get back to this sometime...

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Thanks for your understanding, but I like to follow through with things. When I say I will do something I like to do it...

And I'm sure that the TKL core devs would be interested, but they are pretty deep in a development cycle at the moment and adding new appliances is not something I think they have any resources for right now.

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