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  I suggest that a virtual appliance for the Ingres 10.1 DBMS Community Edition, http://www.actian.com/downloads/ingres#community, would be an excellent addition to the portfolio of database virtual appliances.

  The Ingres DBMS is a commercially used database management system that supports applications via the JDBC protocol.



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I just updated your post to include a couple more tags, hope you don't mind.

A few things:

Firstly, feel free to create a 'Blueprint' too. Although the devs do read the forums and with the help of tags can find relevant threads, when they are in 'development mode' it is easier to have all the requests in one place.

It may also be useful for anyone who hasn't heard of Ingres before (like me) if you were to post some of it's strengths and perhaps some of what it brings that others don't (perhaps a brief comparison against say MySQL and/or PostgreSQL for example).

Finally, if you really want to see Ingres development pushed ahead, why not get your hands a bit dirty and create a TKLPatch!?! If you get a working patch released, I'd be more than happy to upload a compiled ISO to the TKL Community Downloads SF page. If you need assistance creating a patch I'm happy to lend a bit of a hand. Even if that is all too much over your head, if you can clearly document installation of Ingres on either TKL 11.x or 12.0RC then that would be a good start and perhaps someone else would jump in to finish it off.

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