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Hello everyone,

I would like to build a personal wiki for my notes (scraps) and I see several wiki appliances in Turnkey Linux library. Which one do you recommend for making rich text documents with pictures and provide full text search through document contents (showing result as I type would be great too), something similar to Evernote, but it doesn't have to be typicall of Evernote. I just want to create a document, give it a title, type my notes, add pictures if needed and voila.

Later I want to be able to search through those notes.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Whilst when you look under the wiki appliance tag, there are quite a few. But if you look a bit closer, many of those are source code/software project management tools which include wikis. I.e. they are primarily for other purposes (e.g. Redmine, Trac, GitLab, Gitea). So unless you're doing software development, I think that you should probably only choose between:

(In no particular order)

  • DokuWiki
  • MoinMoin
  • MediaWiki - as used by Wikipedia
  • Foswiki - note the v16.0 release is not yet available, but hopefully won't be far away...
  • Twiki - note that Foswiki is a fork of Twiki; Twiki was dead (our last appliance is v14.2) but appears to have been revived so we'll aim to release a v16.0 release soonish... I wouldn't recommend using the current appliance though.

Personally, I'd probably jut go with either DokuWiki or MediaWiki, but I don't run my own wiki (I'm a commandline guy, so I just use text/rst files because they're super easy to grep through).

Regardless, let us know how you go and which you settle on and why.

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Thank you Jeremy for the detailed answer! I will try out those five appliances and post my feedback soon.

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In case it wasn't clear, I suggest that you go with one of the top 3. Although if you like Foswiki, that should be getting an update within the next week or so...

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I tried them all, it seems the "wiki" concept isn't adequate for personal notes. Wiki markup language isn't something that can be used on daily basis or on the go, and WYSIWYG plugins doesn't make it that much easier.

I will test Wordpress and similar CMS apps, maybe readthedocs too and post an update here soon

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If you haven't already come across Nextcloud, then it's probably worth a look. By default it won't do what you want, but it's built as a "platform" and so can be extended beyond it's core functionality (which is a bit like Dropbox on steroids). These are called "apps" and there is a ton of them. A quick search shows that they have a number of apps for note-taking which may be closer to what you are looking for? I also note that at least one of those ("Nextcloud Notes") has mobile apps for Android & iOS.

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