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Are there any plans to develop a mailserver appliance?  If not, what do I need to add to the LAMP appliance to have a multi-domain mailserver with spam protection, which can me managed with the webmin interface?


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Yes, we do plan on releasing a TurnKey mail server appliance soon.

Meanwhile you can roll your own by starting from Core and installing postfix, the postfix Webmin module, spamassassin, and ... then doing the integration.

Or wait for us to do that for you. It's one of the things we're working on behind the scenes. We have a rough draft but it needs more testing/polish.

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You guys are hyper productive, thanx for your work ! Main feature what i was missing was exactly mail support in appliances with cms so that our users dont end up in darkness when they lost login to local website.
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Thanks, and it's really nice to see you back on the forums my friend. Hope you enjoyed yourself on that trip you took!
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hi liraz, what a nice welcome ;)
yes i was on trip and kinda productive, me and other folks from transmission network been writing documentation for video manipulation in drupal, effects you cane see here: We are going to turn in into floss manual next weeks.
Sorry for off topic
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Liraz was referring to the Zimbra appliance (initial release was 2009.10), but you might also want to check out the iredmail tklpatch

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I'm in the process of setting up a dovecot mail server ontop of one of  the LAMP turnkey as it already has postfix, ssl and mysql installed (though I would prefer postgresql).

I would be very intersted in a well configured and secure mail server appliance.

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It is still high on the wishlist but unfortunately keeps getting pushed back down the list by other things...

Personally I think 2 appliances would be good: 1) A simple Mail server with webmail interface; and 2) a more fully featured groupware type appliance (with calandering etc as well as email/webmail).

Harsh reality is though that until someone picks up the development I don't think either will happen anytime soon... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

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There's only so much two people can do. I agree it's a shame we're spread so thin. Alon and I do 99.9% of the development at this point and we release it all under an open source license. All the build tools are also open sourced. You could pick them up and make any appliance you want in a couple of days and then contribute that back to the project. That would be more productive than cracking the whip and complaining that we're not working fast enough for you.

The truth is between everything the two of us have to do just to keep TurnKey in the same place we'll never have enough time to package and maintain all the good software that is out there as TurnKey apps. So rather than expanding the roster we've invested in improving the development infrastructure so we have a better shot at attracting new blood to the project.

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Then feel free to post a new thread. I will do all i can to help out.

{update] FWIW I have just done a more extensive post on the basics of TKLDev which despite the fact that it relates to a different prospective appliance, should be relevant to create a mailserver appliance.

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