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I downloaded MediaWiki appliance, in VMWare server did "Add VM to inventory". The appliance boots, VM-tools status is "running" and everything works OK, but instead of information about harddisk I see "Hard disk not valid". I tried to remove/re-add the disk to VM, it says disk is 20Gb, it adds it, but finally status is again "Hard disk not valid". But it works!

I noticed that "
Virtual Hardware Version" is 6 and updated it to 7. Still hard disk is not valid.

What did I wrong? Should I expect problems? Can I ignore this issue? 

Thank you!


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No answer? Do appliances work on VMWare Server 2.0? 


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We will have to look into why the harddisk information is not displayed, but you can safely ignore the issue (to the best of my knowledge).
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It sounds harmless to me, but if you are concerned about using it under these circumstance, download the iso and install from there.

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I figured out why VMWare server labels the hard disk as invalid, but firstly let me say that it is harmless.

The VMDK includes meta data, where the variable ddb.adapterType is set to null, where it should actually be set to the virtualDev specified in the vmx, which is lsilogic.

The fix is simple:

sed -i "s|ddb.adapterType = \"(null)\"|ddb.adapterType=\"lsilogic\"|" turnkey-app.vmdk

Also, for completeness, update the vmx to specify that the hard disk deviceType is a disk, though this should not be needed:

scsi0:0.deviceType = "disk"

You might need to unregister and reregister the VM for changes to take effect.

We will be releasing updated builds of all 2009.10 appliances including this fix, as well as the missing nic issue.

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