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Is it possible and a better question are there instructions for upgrading the PHP included in the LAMP package to 5.3x?



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You'll probably need to install from source. Although another possibility may be installing from the Debian repos (I think its in 'testing').

This will probably not be a project for the faint of heart!

This seems like a pretty good guide for building from source (but i can't vouch for it - also seems like its for a more recent version of Ubuntu). Here is another. Here is a third.

The php website has migration documentation that would be well worth a read. Also this looks like an interesting article and lists some backwards compatability issues you may encounter. Probably both worth a thorough read prior to doing anything further.

Finally the source snapshots can be found here.

Be great if you could document your progress and bugs that you discover on the TKL Dev Wiki Whiteboard. Also be aware that after you do this you will need to do your own security updates (as none will happen automatically).

[Edit] Make sure you back up all data before attempting any of this! Better still perhaps do it on a clean install of TKL LAMP and then import your data.


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I went quite a ways down this road but much of the ./configure commands outlined on the links do not seem pertinent to Turnkey installs.

It would be very helpful to get this updated as I need to migrate Turnkey Joomla to minimum PHP 5.2.8 (best if php 5.2.3 which is sitting on my box now... I just don't know how to configure it from here).

Need to run MageBridge on top of Joomla which requires this version of PHP.

thoughts on how to proceed?  Why not just build a New Appliance and "have it done"... at the very least... then it is only an issue of migrating some folks Joomla installs (mine is fresh so I could start over).

thank you (I like the system otherwise).

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The new TKL appliances are on the way. Currently the TKL beta of Ubuntu Lucid is available here. Once the devs are happy with new appliance built on this base they will be released. FYI Lucid has php v5.3.2 available in the repos - and thus the version that TKL appliances with php included will use.

The easiest way to go would to be patient and wait for that release. Otherwise you could build your own server on top of the new Core. If you think your setup is unique and useful enough perhaps consider releasing a TKLPatch and enter the TKLPatch development contest. TBH though as a TKL appliance currently exists for Joomla it may not be a great candiate.

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I am wondering what the process can be to to move an Ap set like Joomla to the new Lucid builds. I am not thinking a  New install, hit rather on inline upgrade/ update.  Something like a Script world be great. Thanks for the great products!

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Great information! I was hoping someone had already went through it, but I guess I am not that lucky

I will throw up a test server and play around with the information that you posted. I will document the steps for future needs in the community.

Again, thanks for the information.

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I too am trying to update the PHP (need 5.2.8 for moodle). I've so far been unsuccessful. If anybody has any success, instructions would be awesome. Loving the new LAMP appliance so far though. 

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Why not use the Moodle Appliance?
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Planning on using turnkey as a testbed for moodle 2.0 (php 5.2.8 required), the moodle appliance has the same PHP issue (and is a fairly old version).

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Like with any other server, you always have the option to build software from source if the version you need can't be installed via package management. Note that when the new Ubuntu LTS comes out in April we'll upgrade all appliances to that version so this won't be an issue for long.
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 The lack of package upgrade isn't really a problem. I love the stuff turnkey has turned out so far, and as far as my testbed for moodle 2, i always have other options. I have just grown to love the simplicity of the turnkey interface and how nicely everything just works; I'm spoiled. Tomorrow is my day off so I'm going to try to figure out my own way to upgrade the PHP (and will post instructions if I get it figured out). In the meantime, please keep up the great work guys!

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My Joomla builds  also needs Pep 5.28. It world do best, I Think, with 5.3. As Noted above a simple upgrade to a current install would be very helpful in the final build.

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