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NOOB with Tomcat Appliance

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Hello - first timer here.


I have successfully downloaded and installed the standalone Tomcat appliance. Running it in VMWare Fusion on an i7 iMac.

It boots fine - shows up with the "To administer this appliance..." message. However, when I go to the :8003 address specified, I get the Sign in page, but the default credentials shown on the webpage (admin/turnkey) aren't being accepted.

Is the server automatically started at bootup? I haven't been able to get a response from the standard :8080 port yet.


Thanks in advance,



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Not much help to you really...

Sorry I have no experience with this appliance at all so I don't know how useful I'll be able to be.

From my reading of the TKL Tomcat appliance page you should be using the correct login details (ie admin/turnkey). From my reading online, the username & password can be checked/changed from the users config file which hopefully should be found at /usr/share/tomcat5/conf/tomcat-users.xml (edit with a text editor such as nano). I guess that you'd probably need to restart Tomcat for any changes to be applied.

I would imagine that the Tomcat server should autostart and (again from my reading of the appliance page) the default ports have been changed from the Tomcat defaults (8080 & 8443), to http & https defaults (ie 80 & 443). Thats probably why you are receiving no response on port 8080.

@Liraz - please note that the Tomcat appliance page incorrectly states that the default port for Tomcat is 8180 rather than 8080

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