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I've started up the Redmine appliance, redmine loads up fine.

Now it's time to move my existing hg repository into the turnkey instance.  I don't see any way to create a new hg repo from the web interface, so I ssh in, cd to /srv/repos/hg, mkdir, and hg init MyProj.  At this point I can load, so I'm almost in business.

C:\dev\MyProj>hg push
searching for changes
remote: Permission denied: .hg/store/lock
I added
to the .hg/hgrc file in the turnkey instance, still no dice.  Not sure where to go from here.
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The first few google hits http://www.selenic.com/pipermail/mercurial/2007-July/013607.html point towards the files being owned by root, and therefore can't be modified, but the helloworld repository that comes with turnkey is also owned by root (all files/folders).

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But it may be worth checking group permissions/membership.

Webmin can be quite handy for playing around with permissions, fine tuning etc. Permissions can be checked and altered from the file manager, just click on the folder in the right pane and click the Info button.

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Sorry, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, or what I should do when I find it.

I'm in Webmin, and I don't see any panes, or anything that has a folder icon.

Also this actually doesn't have anything to do with redmine, other than that I'm using the redmine appliance.

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I was suggesting that if you want to try changing the permissions I think that the Webmin UI is an easy way to do it (rather than the commandline). I wasn't suggesting that it had anything to do with Redmine specificly, just an easy way to check and change file/folder permissions.

In Webmin under Tools (top bar), you should find File Manager (in the drop down). If you browse to the folder(s) you are after, select it in the right pane and click the Info button you will see the permissions (and be able to adjust them if you wish).

It may not be all that helpful but I thought it may be possiblle that although the other folder is owned by root, it may have another group membership and/or some other permissions that allow read/write access? Or maybe theres something completely different going on...

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Thanks, I'll try that when I get to work tomorrow.  I guess my point is that the VM as-is doesn't "just work," which is the whole point of "turnkey."  Even just cloning and then trying to push to the helloworld repo doesn't work, so some extra configuration is necessary somewhere, but it's not obvious from any documentation I've seen on the site.

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I think you are right, ideally all of the TKL appliances should be "ready to go" (or as much as possible). If there are additional configuration required it should be documented IMO and reported as a bug if it is possible for it to be generically preconfigured.

OTOH there is still a possibility that there is something that we are unaware of and have missed. We really need someone else who has experience with this appliance to share their expertise. Also your investigations will help confirm that it is even a permissions issue (it could be something else - not sure what but it could be). Regardless, any idiosyncrasies or specific processes should be documented.

The thing to keep in mind though, is that TKL is run by 2 (very busy) devs and a few volunteers so things like this happen. Unlike a commercial application which you pay money for it to "just work" (which it may or may not do), FOSS (Free Open Source Software) projects/products such as TKL rely on the community to fill in the blanks. That way the quality and quantity of products and services is being constantly refined and improved.

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Have a look at this thread over here and see if it helps you out at all. It is specifically about SVN in Redmine but perhaps it is relevant? Hopefully its of some use?

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