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When accessing extlorer on the file server va, i enter my credentials for root and get an access decied.  I go in and change p/w for root on samba, get denied.  set p/w for samba user nobody, get denied or it hands w/ blank p/w.  Any insight how to make this work out of the box?

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The default login details for eXplorer should be on the appliance page, you then need to set up user accounts. For security you will need to change the default admin account password.

I would strongly suggest that you do not use root for Samba access, set up new user accounts for Samba: create new Linux users then sync Linux users with Samba users - all this easiest done in Webmin. You also need to remember that just like in advanced Windows file sharing there are 2 levels of permissions, file permissions and share permissions. There should be many posts about Samba permission here on the forums, use the seach function (top right corner).

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Assuming you are using the current stable v11.x TKL appliance (and if you're not then go do that), on first boot you should be asked for 2 passwords: The root (Linux admin account) password, the other should be for eXtplorer admin user.

The root password can be used for logging into the local terminal, SSH, SFTP, WebShell (Shell-in-a-box) and Webmin (username: root). The eXplorer password should get you into default eXplorer (username: admin) - although IIRC you use root (or another Linux user) to access the webFTP part of eXtplorer.

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I'm sure I read somewhere on the eXtplorer website that you can batch import users but it's a bit of a hack. The other thing is that you can use FTP mode (which uses Linux users). It'd be nice if you could make that the default but I don't know if that's possible.

Syncing Samba users is pretty easy. One click in Webmin.

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None of the v11.x appliances have default passwords AFAIK. eXtplorer password is set on firstboot.

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There is currently no way to trigger the firstboot scripts with OVZ templates (ie when 'installing' from PVE WebUI) so you need to run them manually.

This can be done with the 'turnkey-init' command. It allows you to set all default passwords and sets unique SSH keys and random passwords for internal connections between apps (such as MySQL passwords used by Web apps).

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