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I'm confused on how to access the apache and mysql settings in the lamp stack.

I installed lamp stack from the iso to a VM on ESXI. I can access the WebShell command line console and Webmin web admin, but don't see anything for apache or mysql.

Also when I sftp in the /var/www folder doesn't exist, /var is there, but /www is not.

I actually thought I did something wrong, so I re-downloaded the ISO and re-loaded the VM. Getting the same thing.

Any tips on how to get apache and mysql running?

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so i think i figured it out. here's what i did to launce apache and mysql.

To install apache and mysql…

Go to webmin, webmin configuration

Open webmin modules

Select standard module from

Type apache or mysql

If next screen says package not installed, follow steps to install complete package


Access apache and mysql from servers menu


Anything else I'm missing to get this going?

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It sounds like you've downloaded the wrong ISO. TKL Core is a minimal Linux server setup that doesn't have much else (has Webmin & Webshell etc). The LAMP ISO should install a system with Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python and Perl already preinstalled and running. It should also have phpMyAdmin running (on port 12322 from memory) Browsing to your appliance IP without specifying a port (ie port 80) should land you on a working example webpage. And /var/www should definately be there.

So perhaps try downloading one more time. FYI this is the page you should be downloading from. If that still doesn't work for you then let me know and I'll double check it for you tonight when I get home (sorry haven't got time right now).

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Jeremy, I just checked and that's the page i got the ISO from. definately no apache et al on that one.

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I'm not sure what's happening for you?

I just downloaded the "199MB ISO" (from the link I posted above) and installed to a VirtualBox VM. It all seems to be working fine for me. The /var/www directory is there and the Apache and MySQL Webmin modules are installed and working (although TBH I prefer phpMyAdmin for MySQL admin).

Perhaps verify the ISO in case it got corrupted.

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Jeremy, Thanks for double checking. Everything is working now. I re-downloaded and got the lamp stack. You were right though, somehow I ended up with the core stack and that's why it was so stripped down. I just verified by booting it up into a new VM and I can already see the website is showing.

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Glad you got there in the end. Happy days! :)

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