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I just installed tkl.

I would like make shares for al my windows users.

What is would like to do is sync my account from an windows domain controller.

And be able to update them if i change a users password in de ad

Is this possible? Outherwise i would need to manualy enter a lot of accounts not realy pratical.




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ok getting there need to add to your domain first.

Check following:

You must use at least the following three options in smb.conf:

realm = your.kerberos.REALM

security = ADSsecurity = ADS

encrypt passwords = true


check time en use ntp server

check dns /wins settings


now getting error

Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: Server not found in Kerberos databas

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Binding to domain with command /usr/bin/net join -U administrator ..

Enter administrator's password:
DNS update failed!
Using short domain name -- DGL
Joined 'DGL-VL-SHARE' to realm 'DeGraafLogistics.local'
No DNS domain configured for dgl-vl-share. Unable to perform DNS Update.

.. failed! See the output above for the reason why.


Server is now in my ad but it looks like the only entering wins was not enough.

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Now joined to domain.


Problem was server had no fqdn

dns server on the  domain controller did not know de server name. i added an A record and now. tada

Binding to domain with command /usr/bin/net join -U dgladministrator ..

[2012/06/22 10:36:20,  0] param/loadparm.c:7472(lp_do_parameter)
  Ignoring unknown parameter "dns server"
Enter dgladministrator's password:
Using short domain name -- DGL
Joined 'DGL-VL-SHARE' to realm 'DeGraafLogistics.local'

.. complete.


Now I need to have the users account from windowns domain controller be syncronised to unix or samba anyone an idee how to go from here

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You've been doing a great job working through the issues.

I haven't used Samba that much so I'm not directly a lot of use to you. Perhaps this may be useful to you? Although TKL doesn't include Samba v3.5 (IIRC it's 3.4.something...) hopefully it's close enough?

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