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I'm trying to install Redmine. I've already used it in a virtual machine under virtualbox on my own machine.

However now I need to install it on a server so it's accessible from the internet. I was planning to just install virtualbox on the server and so the same thing I did before. The server is not directly under my control. It runs Xen and we have a Debian installation on it, which we can ssh into. Apparently you can't install virtualbox on an OS running under Xen.

Some questions:

1) Can I use the .iso file from to install everything? I've been able to mount it in Debian but I don't know which commands to run to install everything. Is there a tutorial somewhere? Or is this file meant to be used to do an install as a complete operating system like a live cd, but including the redmine stack?? I was hoping it would do an install like but automatically (like popping a CD in the CD player and starting the .exe file).

2) Can I give the Xen file to the IT department of the company controlling the Xen server and tell them to just start this up instead? This would be the easiest for me, of course. Is there a tutorial for them that they could follow? Would this allow me to have control of everything related to redmine so the IT department would not have to do anything anymore after the install. (e.g. so things like SSH are preinstalled and allow me to configure and control everything through a command line)

3) If neither of these seem easy or possible, would I have to do the installation manually as described on and ?

Thanks a lot for the help

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I've noticed Bitnami offers a simple installation procedure. I think I'm going to use that one.

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But FYI the Xen image should be able to be installed. AFAIK it should be the same as launching any other Xen image... Or you should also be able to install it into a Xen VM from ISO.

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