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Turnkey Canvas Postfix Email Setup

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I have not been successful in getting canvas to send new users a confirmation email nor a password reset email. This is a fresh install and everything I have read said email works right out of the box. Not the case with me. Just to be sure, I ran a clean install and added a user and canvas first thing and the email never sent. I also added the 2 extra lines to turn off TLS in canvas, and retested. Still no email. Please help.


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Server Setup Incorrectly Leading to Spam

Check the logs and you might find emails are sent properly (short of some networking issue etc).

Also view this thread and follow links.

Most of the time this happens I would be fairly sure the receiving MTA declines due to invalid HELO, ISP rejects because your on the Trend Micro DUL list etc etc.

If you still cannot get it, reply to the post.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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Might Add

You want to go to the post in that link titles "SPAM".

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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I will look at the links

I will look at the links above. For some background, I am trying to configure postfix to send through our Exchange server 2003. I followed the config file recommendations from postfix for this type of internal / outbound config only setup of postfix. Still now success. We can't even see mail from Turnkey Canvas trying to hit the internal exchange server in the logs. With all the permission set on our exchange to allow sending from our turnkey canvas install.

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Not sure if it's relevant to using Exchange...

Probably your best bet is either just allow your appliance outgoing access to the net (and it should just work OOTB) or google for an answer (TKL v12.x is based on Debian 6/Squeeze). Something along the lines of "debian postfix send email through exchange server".

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