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Getting an error trying to link AWS to the Hub account. 



Oops! An error occured with the activation key.

Error: NoActivationKey

Click here and follow the steps to generate an Activation Key for TurnKey on Amazon EC2.

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When I follow the "Here" link I get an error on generating the key.


Please help 


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trying it out.. but get an error:

Oops! An error occured with the activation key.

Error: NoActivationKey

Click here and follow the steps to generate an Activation Key for TurnKey on Amazon EC2.

TurnKey Linux     An error occurred attempting to generate a key for TurnKey Linux on EC2 - EBS-backed (Budget Plan).
Please try again later

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(or try with a different browser). Then try again. Hopefully that'll do it...

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Same issue on different browsers :(.


I just pushed up an instance via aws for Turnkey LAMP. But i'd really like to have this functionality on the Hub. As well as push the backups to S3.

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Well the only thing left I think is to contact the devs via the Hub feedback (blue button on the left when you're logged in).  There have been reports that they have been a little slow to respond lately, but hopefully now they have released the 13RC (inc 64 bit) they will have a bit more time.

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I've been going over the Hub logs to try and figure out the cause of this, but everything seems OK and points to the described error: NoActivationKey. What this means is that AWS redirects back to the Hub, it is (for some unexplained reason) not including the activation key the Hub requires to activate the service.

Please try the following, and if it doesn't work we will need to take a closer look:

I hope the above helps, please update us either way...

BTW, what browser, version and OS are you using?

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Thanks for reporting back. I've contacted Amazon and asked them to look into the issue. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon. As soon as I receive an update I'll post a comment, but seeing its the weekend, you might want to retry periodically...

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On Saturday Amazon replied that they've escalated the issue, and are looking into it. I'll update this thread when we know more.

So far it appears that only new AWS accounts are affected, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, we're looking into alternative workarounds but have yet been successful - but we'll continue the search. There is no apparent workaround, as the issue occurs on Amazon's side, and no way around it. There are also reports from other providers, so this is not isolated to TurnKey. 

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Sorry for not commenting earlier. Amazon updated us that they released an update yesterday and verified that it passes their tests. Rick, Tobias and others have confirmed the fix worked for them, so I'm optimistic that it will work for everyone else.

If anyone does experience the bug, please let us know ASAP and we'll pass the info along to Amazon.

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And it seems that it is beyond the control of the TKL devs so we'll just have to wait for Amazon. I imagine that they'll be trying to work it out ASAP and I'm sure Alon will post back as soon as he has had confirmation that it's fixed (or has any other relevant info). And in fairness 2 of the 3 days were weekend so although I'm sure it's annoying, probably from Amazon's perspective, I suspect that they didn't initially realise how widespread it is...

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An error occurred attempting to generate a key for TurnKey Linux on EC2 - EBS-backed (Budget Plan). 


What a let down. :o) Please help! Need Micro!! (and am officially paying for it!)


P.S. I was prepared to bee bop and scat Micros all over the place (a take on George Castanza), Now sort of dead in the water.

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For those who need to rollup a TKL server (In my case I needed a LAMP server).

1) Log into your AWS account and browse to the EC2 Console.

2) Launch Instance using the AWS Marketplace.

3) Search for the Turnkey Linux type you'd like, select it, review and continue. (Select region as well)

4) Select which type of instance you'd like to install (ie Micro).

5) Accept and Launch

I just did this temporarily to get a TKL on amazon's cloud. I"m not too sure how this will display within TKL's hub console once it is resolved. But after the issues is. You should be able to link your S3 portion, run a back up, then restore using the Hub console.

Also a tip on these installions. Once installed you'll have to select your new instance from the EC2 console and click "Get System Log" and scroll down until you find the randomized root password.

Hope this helps

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This issue seems, at the moment, to be resolved. I just successfully generated my key.

Thanks to whoever had to work with AWS!!!

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