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Hi Guys,

I wanted to know if it was possible to upgrade the version of Owncloud that is running on the Owncloud Turnkey appliance? I believe the currrent version available is 4.5 while the Turnkey appliance is running 4.0.



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I have tried and failed. But I'm pretty new to Linux, and Turnkey builds.  It works great as is, but no support for new features, or desktop client.  I would like to see this addressed somehow. Maybe a new ISO made for the 4.5 owncloud.

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With 5.0 you upload a simple php script and run it. Owncloud was installed in about 10 seconds on EC2 LAMP appliance for me. You could back up your data and restore to the new appliance. Not directly answering your question but I don't know if its easy to upgrade or not.

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I wanted to update as well. Where do I get this PHP script for updating? What's its name?

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This appliance appears to be dead. No activity in almost seven months. 

No way to update unless you backup your data (no matter how large the files are) and restore them to a new version. On that note, I do mot reccomend using this appliance. However it does run flawlessly for months on end, maybe even years. 

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No offence but it's probably best to not jump to conclusions... Historically TurnKey maintenance releases occur roughly every 6 mths, so one will be coming soon.

Assuming that you are using the v13.0 appliance, a number of people have successfully reported upgrading using the method described in this thread. This thread relates to a earlier version of this appliance (IIRC v12.0)...

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TurnKey Linux 12.1 / Debian 6.0.9 Squeeze

Since the script was mentioned then requested again, and never linked to, I failed to locate it hence my response, aside no activity that I could see past the prior response before mine. It's not been even a year since the intial install. 

I do appreciate the work volenteered to get these appliances running. I should probably install this outside of turnkey to avoid this in the future, since the application is relied upon to heavily for the users. 


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Firstly sorry for such a slow response. Ok, TBH I don't recall what the upgrade process was for v12.x so I'm not much help there...

As for the version, TKL is constantly evolving (as is the upstream software that is included) and the v13.0 appliance was a significant improvement IMO over the v12.1 appliance (especially in regards to upgrading the upstream ownCloud software by the sounds of it). V13.0 was released about 7 mths ago roughly so you must have just missed that release unfortunately.

Where abouts are you running this? I would probably suggest that you launch a v13.0 ownCloud server alongside it. Then you can run a TKLBAM backup on your v12.1 server and migrate the data and settings to the v13.0 appliance (don't destroy your old v12.1 appliance until you are sure that the new ones is all good). Then you have a backup of all your files then too! :)

Although if you have a lot of files on there it may be faster to set TKLBAM to exclude the ownCloud shared files and just manually copy them across. If you do that though and want to use TKLBAM for a backup, make sure to reinclude the files and run a fresh backup on your shiny new v13.0 appliance!

If you want any more pointers let me know and I'll try to help you out. :)

PS did you see this blog post regarding your options with TKL v12.x?

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