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I have downloaded your WAMP image and installed it. Everything seemed to go well.

  • I was then presented with the Turnkey Configuration Manager, which I quit as there was no option to help me out.
  • I was then presented with the login command for WP and successfully logged in.
  • I was then presented with root@wordpress ~#

What now? I have never used Linux before. I was just hoping to get a UI or some sort of browser screen. What commands do I need to run. I could not find anything defintive in the user guides and documentation. It takes it to the point of installation and seems to say "there you are. off you go".

Perhaps the documentation could be beefed up. I don't really have the time to eat my way through The Compleat Linux for Administrators.

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So there is no browser or GUI installed. Also FWIW it's a LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl/Python) not a WAMP stack (Windows Apache MySQL PHP/Perl/Python).

However it does have a Web admin UI and phpMyAdmin (a web based UI for MySQL). These are all accessable via a web browser pointed at your appliance (the IP displayed in the Confconsole window).

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thanks for such a prompt response. Sorry for using WAMP (saw someone had used the W to indicate Wordpress mirror, although I know that LAMP is shorthand for the basic stack, not any apps running on it.)

Backing it up, 

  1. I have created this stack within VirtualBox (as per setting, it is bridged etc). 
  2. I have a set of IP addys from the Turnkey console. 
  3. I tried entering these in the browser in the HOST. but got "this web page is not available".
  4. I would like to do this in the host, but I do not know how to bring up the browser to access the web admin UI and the phpMyAdmin resources. 

I won't bore you with the commands I have tried entering in the CLI to achieve this. I am able to get directory listing etc, but just don't know how to get started. I have not even been able to find the desktop.

I could be missing something at step 3 above. There is no documentation on this, or I would not be bothering you guys. Sorry once again ;)

I downloaded this from:

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I can access this from the HOST now, but it is the same issue. In the browser, I just get the CLI interface.

The URL is:

I have tried and the wp-config page, but I just get a 404.

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Getting there

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was trying the server and port address:

but got an SSL error. 

Again, I have been searching around for documentation on this, but without much luck.

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There are 3 main Admin web interfaces available via these ports:

12320 - Webshell - as you noted is basically a web based commandline interface

12321 - Webmin - A web based Admin UI (possibly more like what you are after)

12322 - phpMyAdmin - A web based Admin UI for MySQL DB

And yes you will get a 404 for the address you are trying. The doc root is /var/www so the index.php file that is sitting there (i.e. /var/www/index.php) is available via your web root, i.e. (the index.php can be included if you like but it is assumed by your browser anyway so not strictly required)

Also just missed your post about SSL error. My suspicion that it is because you are using the wrong path still. But also keep in mind that TKL SSL certs are self signed, so depending on your browser security settings you will probably get a warning or perhaps they won't work at all (although I guess that is unlikely because webshell worked ok for you).

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I actually completely missed that you had replied to my first post above... Doh!

Ok so you're using the WordPress appliance then. It doesn't matter too much at this point as it is pretty much the LAMP appliance with WordPress installed on top...

And assuming that you can connect to guest VM (WP appliance) from your host browser, everything I said above still applies...

Note that none of this should require you to do anything from the browser. It should all just be working OOTB and you should be able to just log straight into the WP admin account and get started!

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Thanks for your posts. You are a legend!

The product is very good, but I think there is not enough help for noobs, and there are a few of us out there from what I can see on the forum.

I have got past all of the above (with your help) and I am now encountering the ftp, updates, ownership issue. No resolution yet.

Once I get there, I would be happy to help write up a noobs guide.  Too much "pin the tail on the donkey". 

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