I am the first to admit that I am total Linux and TKL newb, so if I have missed the obvious, please be gentle.

I want to run vTiger CRM and decided to use the Turnkey Hub. I signed up with Amazon and TK, filled in all the appropriate fields, paid my money, and got to the point of "Launch any Turnkey Appliance."

When I do that, vTiger CRM is not on the list! Have I missed a step and need some sort of hosting appliance to which I'll add vTiger?

Any and all suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.

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vTiger needs updating to support PHP v5.4 (the version in TKL v13.0) so until then it will not be available.

However, all is not lost... On the Hub Launch Server page you will notice towards the top on the right hand side are 2 links that look something like "12.1 | 13.0". If you click on the 12.1 link then that will give you the v12.1 range of appliances (which does include vTiger).

Be warned though that there is only about 6 months of support left for Debian Squeeze (the version of Debian that TKL v12.1 is based on) so if vTiger isn't updated - and a TKL appliance with the new version released - prior to then, you may find yourself in a situation with an unsupported appliance with no upgrade path...

Personally I'd be inclined to look at one of the other e-commerce options available via TKL; like Magento, TomatoCartZen Cart, PrestaShop or osCommerce...

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